Using Collocation to Boost Your IELTS Score – Key Word: choice

Key Word: choice

 1         Verb + choice

Use the correct form of these verbs:

leave                give

have                influence

make               restrict

  1. I’m not up here in Alaska because I want to be! Head office never __________ me a choice!
  2. Young people don’t realise that the choices they __________ at school and university can affect them for the rest of their lives.
  3. We used to live in London, so we could fly anywhere really easily. Living up here in the north does __________ your choice of where you can go, but we prefer the quieter life.
  4. I wouldn’t drive without a seat belt, but I still think people should __________the choice.
  5. The council denied that financial considerations had __________ their choice of consultant.
  6. I’m afraid you’ve __________us no choice. You’ve taken so many days off for no reason, we’ve got no alternative but to ask you to leave.

Go back and underline the verb collocations.

2          Common adjective collocations

Use these adjectives in the sentences:

difficult               first

free                     obvious

deliberate        straight

  1. Blue wasn’t my__________ choice. I would have preferred red, but they were sold out.
  2. Look, there’s nothing more to discuss. It’s a __________ choice – either you stop drinking, or you die of liver failure in a month — maybe two!
  3. Jean Moore is the only one with the necessary work experience, so she’s the__________ choice.
  4. Luke is only 12. Gill and David are getting divorced, so the poor boy has to decide which one he wants to live with. What a __________ choice for any child to make!
  5. First-year students make up their own programmes. They have a completely __________ choice within a group of subjects.
  6. I’m a single mother. It was a __________ choice to bring up my children on my own.

3          Choice + of + noun

Match the halves of the following:

  1. I think you’ve made the right choice of career.
  2. Mrs Burgess obviously doesn’t like
  3. The main course comes
  4. New York is a city of culture.
  5. She made an unfortunate choice of words in her speech

a It has a huge choice of cinemas and theatres.

b with a choice of vegetables or salad.

c You’ll make a wonderful teacher.

d her son’s choice of friends.

e and upset a lot of people in the room.

Go back and underline all the expressions with choice.



1.         Note the following useful expressions with prepositions:

I’m afraid it’s not my kind of party. I wouldn’t have come here by choice.

There were so many different things to eat We were spoilt for choice.

Some children in this area are not able to go to the school of their choice.

2.         Note the following useful phrases:

I had no choice what to study at university. My parents had already decided for me.

The choice of career lies with you. It’s your decision and your decision only.

3.         Note the common phrase ‘freedom of choice’:

Satellite TV offers viewers greater freedom of choice.



Ex 1:

  1. gave 2. make 3. restrict 4. have 5. influenced 6. left

Ex 2:

  1. first 2. straight 3. obvious 4. difficult 6. deliberate

Ex 3:

l-c        2-d       3-b       4-a       5-e

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