Using Collocation to Boost Your IELTS Score – Key Word: condition

Key word: condition

1          Adjective + condition (state)

Complete the sentences with these adjectives:

excellent                  original

present                    showroom

poor                         reasonable

  1. In my spare time I buy old motorcycles and restore them to their ­­__________ condition.
  2. You can’t use that bike in its __________ condition. The brakes need fixing and the back tyre is punctured.
  3. Although the lift has been operating non-stop for twenty years, it’s still in __________ working condition. It’s serviced regularly.
  4. Nothing’s been spent on the house for years. It’s really in very__________ condition.
  5. Although my car is 25 years old, it’s still in __________ condition. It really does look brand new.
  6. I’d buy that car. I know it’s 8 years old and it’s got some rust, but it’s in __________ condition for its age. I mean, what else can you get for £ 1,000 these days?

2          Verb + condition (state of health)

Use the correct form of these verbs:

aggravate                     suffer from

deteriorate                   improve

require                           treat

  1. I’m pleased to say that your mother’s condition is __________ , but we’ll be keeping a close eye on her for a few days just to be on the safe side.
  2. My brother __________ a rare heart condition. He could drop dead at any moment.
  3. This man’s condition is critical and __________ urgent treatment. If we can’t get him to a hospital quickly, he won’t survive.
  4. Nowadays steroids are used to__________ some types of skin condition.
  5. I was given tablets to help clear up the rash on my arms, but they only __________ the condition. The rash became redder and more itchy and now it’s spread to my face and neck.
  6. Our neighbour was rushed to hospital last week after her condition suddenly __________ . She was doing so well, then she just collapsed.

3              Adjective + conditions (circumstances)

Complete the sentences below with the following:

adverse weather                   difficult

ideal                                           living

cramped                                   driving

  1. The work on the bridge was completed under very__________ conditions. At one stage we almost gave up completely.
  2. Doctors and nurses are having to work in seriously overcrowded and __________ conditions. This town badly needs a new hospital.
  3. The match has been cancelled due to __________ conditions. Heavy rain has flooded the pitch, making it unplayable.
  4. We took the car to Norway, but the __________ conditions on the way back were dreadful. We didn’t have winter tyres on the car, so we just had to take it slowly.
  5. Living or studying in an English-speaking country provides the__________ conditions for learning the language.
  6.  __________ conditions in the old folks’ home were atrocious. Inspectors said they were the worst they had ever seen.


1.         In 1-5 the expression ‘showroom condition’ means perfect condition. Here is another expression which means that something has never been used:

These stamps will fetch hundreds of pounds. They’re in mint condition.

2.         Note the following adjectives to say that living conditions are very bad:

The prisoners were kept under the most appalling conditions. They had no toilets or running water. How can anyone live in such dreadful conditions?

3.         Note the following uses:

You are in no condition to go to work, so just stay in bed and rest

I’m not fit. I really am out of condition.

4.         Note this common expression:

We went on strike for better pay and conditions.



Ex 1:

  1. original 2. present 3. excellent 4. poor 5. showroom 6.reasonable

Ex 2:

  1. improving 2. suffers from 3. requires 4. treat 5. aggravated 6. deteriorated

Ex 3:

  1. difficult 2. cramped 3. adverse weather 4. driving 5. ideal 6. Living

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