Using Collocation to Boost Your IELTS Score – Key Word: consequence


1          Verb + consequence

Use the correct form of these verbs:

consider          fear                  ignore

realise              suffer               understand

  1. I’ve had too many late nights over the past few weeks. I’m now __________ the consequences!
  2. My friend Neil can be very irresponsible. He’s always making snap decisions and never __________ the consequences.
  3. The lawyer said that her client fully __________ the consequences of her actions and was prepared to go to jail for them.
  4. You__________ the consequences of smoking at your peril. I’d give it up now if I were you.
  5. The peace process has broken down again. I think the whole__________ world the consequences of another war.
  6. I can see now that it was a mistake to let people just turn up without letting us know in advance. I didn’t__________ what the consequences would be.

Go back and underline the verb collocations.

2          Common adjective collocations

Complete the sentences with these adjectives:

disastrous             indirect            far-reaching

inevitable              tragic

  1. Europeans introduced the rabbit to Australia with __________ consequences. Their numbers grew very quickly and they became a huge problem to farmers.
  2. Following the death of 5-year-old Michael Richards last weekend, the police have reminded parents of the potentially__________ consequences of allowing children to light fireworks without adult supervision.
  3. The government’s investment in road building will have some __________ consequences. For example, fewer goods will be moved by rail.
  4. The sharp rise in oil prices in the I970’s had __________ consequences. The whole world was affected by it in one way or another.
  5. Huge traffic jams in the city centre were the __________ consequence of the rail strike. Everyone took their cars to work and jammed up the roads.

 Now choose the best answer in the following:

  1. Unfortunately, there were a number of__________ consequences which nobody could have predicted, (unforeseen / invisible)
  2. Historians say that it is too early to assess the __________ consequences of the collapse of the Soviet Union, (long-term / short-term)
  3. The most __________ consequences of raising income tax is that the government will lose the next election! (likely / unlikely)


1.         In 2-1 dire is also possible and in 2-2 fatal can also be used.

2.         Note the following expression:

Scientists report that most of the fish population was killed as a consequence of the oil spill.

We need to compensate those people who are suffering and dying as a consequence of working with asbestos.

3.         Note the use of the verbs face, take, and accept:

These pilots must now face the consequences of their actions and be brought to trial.

As a manager, you have to be prepared to accept the consequences of your decisions.

My boss was responsible for the mess, but I had to take the consequences!

4.         Note this useful expression:

Global warming will have disastrous consequences for millions of people living near the coast.

5.         If something is ‘of little consequence’, it is of no importance.



Ex 1:

  1. suffering 2. considers 3. understood 4. ignore 5. fears 6. realise

Ex 2:

1 disastrous 2. tragic 3. indirect 4. far-reaching

5 inevitable 6. unforeseen 7. long-term 8. likely

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