Using Collocation to Boost Your IELTS Score – Key Word: detail


1          Verb + details

Use the correct form of these verbs:

absorb             check                           disclose            go into

send                 finalise                        take                 uncover

  1. Please ___________ that these details are correct before you sign the form.
  2. Please write, enclosing a stamped addressed envelope, and we will ___________ you details of the health plan.
  3. The city council have refused to ___________ details of its plan to close the city centre to traffic.
  4. I don’t understand why some newspapers dig into the past of politicians in an attempt to ___________ details of their previous love affairs. It’s sick!
  5. There’s too much information in this leaflet. I’m having difficulty ___________ all the details.
  6. I can’t ___________ details at the moment; it would take too long. I’ll just give you the gist of what he said and I’ll fill you in later with all the details.
  7. The police ___________ all the details and said they would get back to me within the week.
  8. We can’t ___________ the details of our holiday yet. I won’t know when I can get time off till Friday.

2          Giving details

Match the two halves of these sentences.

Underline the verbs which mean ‘giving details’.

  1. Can you give us …
  2. Police have so far released …
  3. The jurors were given strict instructions from the judge not to reveal …
  4. A company spokesman refused to disclose …
  5. The government recently announced …
  6. He talked to the press and divulged …
  7. The travel company has provided us with …

a          full details of our journey across Australia.

b          details of its plan to improve the health service.

c          a few more details. For example, does the price include travel insurance?

d          no details of the missing children.

e          details of its revolutionary new product until the official launch.

f           any details of the case to the press.

g          details of our private conversation. You can’t trust anybody these days!

3          Common adjective collocations

Use the following adjectives in these sentences:

final                 further             gory

minor              personal          precise

  1. If you need more information about the holiday accommodation, ____________ details can be found on our website.
  2. All we know is that Di’s had an accident, but we don’t know the   ____________ details.
  3. Fill out one of these application forms with all your____________ details.
  4. The report contains a lot of unimportant issues. We must be careful not to let these____________ details distract us from the big issues.
  5. Richard’s description of the blood and everything almost made me sick. He wasn’t happy till he’d told us all the____________ details of the accident.
  6. We’ve agreed the general outline of the agreement, but the ____________ details have still to be worked out.

4          Expressions with prepositions

Use in, into, about and on in the following:

  1. We’ll need to examine the plan ____________ greater detail before we can give it our approval.
  2. They are still arguing____________ the details of the arrangements.
  3. I won’t go ____________ detail. All I’m prepared to say is she was fairly critical.
  4. Contact the number at the bottom of the page for more details ____________ how to obtain a passport.


1.         In 3-2 you could also use ‘exact’.

2.         Note these expressions:

Artists need to have an eye for detail.

Proof-reading needs great attention to detail.

They had planned the trip down to the smallest detail.

3.         Note this noun phrase:

The guidebook contains a wealth of detail on the history of revolutionary France.

4.         If someone notices everything, eg spotting spelling mistakes, you can say that they ‘have an excellent eye for detail’.



Ex 1:

1 check               2. send             3. disclose       4. uncover

5 absorbing      6. go into         7. took             8. finalise

Ex 2:

l-c        2-d       3-f       4-e       5-b       6-g       7-a

Ex 3:

1.further          2. precise         3. personal            4. minor           5.gory    

Ex 4:

  1. in         2. about             3. into              4. on

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