Using Collocation to Boost Your IELTS Score – Key Word: Freedom

Key word: freedom

 1         Verb + freedom

Use the correct form of these verbs:

allow               enjoy

fight for           give up

restrict             value

  1. We don’t believe in _________ our son’s freedom in any way. We think he should be allowed to do exactly what he wants to do.
  2. On the one hand, many young couples would love to have kids, but on the other hand, they don’t want to _________ their freedom.
  3. If teachers don’t _________ their students the freedom to express themselves, they will never learn to think for themselves.
  4. Freedom of speech is a freedom worth _________ . Why governments want to curb people’s freedom of speech is beyond me.
  5. I _________ my freedom above everything else. It’s far more important to me than money or success.
  6. There is little censorship in the UK so the newspapers _________ considerable freedom to publish what they want.

2          Common adjective collocations

Complete the sentences with these adjectives:

complete                      fundamental

greater                         hard-won

new-found                  artistic

  1. We now take for granted that we can say what we think. It’s a _________ freedom in all modern societies.
  2. My parents gave me_________ freedom to do whatever I liked when I was a teenager.
  3. The new regulations will at last give hospitals and schools_________ freedom to decide how to spend their own money.
  4. Her two children have gone off to university and she says she’s enjoying her _________ freedom.
  5. We will not let this government take away the _____________ freedoms that our grandparents fought and died for.
  6. A lot of writers and painters feel they have to go abroad to find the kind of _________ freedom they need to express themselves fully.

3          Noun + preposition + freedom

Complete the sentences below with the following nouns:

bid                      land                       sense

struggle           symbol             taste

  1. After 25 years in prison, it was his first __________ of freedom.
  2. Over the centuries, many refugees considered America to be a__________ of freedom and opportunity.
  3. I feel such a __________ of freedom when I leave the crowded city and climb alone in the hills.
  4. The aid workers were killed when they made a desperate __________ for freedom from their captors.
  5. The car is often seen as the of __________ personal freedom.
  6. It’s difficult to believe, but the __________ for freedom is still going on in many countries today.

4          Freedom + of + noun

Complete the sentences below with these nouns:

choice              individual             movement

press                speech

  1. Our students are allowed freedom of __________ over what to wear to school. There’s no official school uniform.
  2. This law will restrict the freedom of the __________ to publish details about people’s private lives.
  3. It’s a good idea to wear loose clothing to the yoga class. It gives you greater freedom of __________ .
  4. Freedom of __________ is guaranteed by our constitution. People can say what they think.
  5. The freedom of the __________ must always be balanced against the rights of the community. People can’t always do what they would like to do.

1.         In 2-1 ‘basic’ is also possible.

2.         As well as talking about the freedom ‘to do’ some-thing, we also talk about freedom ‘from’ something, for example, ‘freedom from oppression’.


Ex 1:

1 restricting                 2. give up        3. allow

4 fighting for               5.value             6. enjoy

Ex 2:

  1. fundamental       2. complete        3. greater         4. new – found    5. hard-won 6. artistic

Ex 3:

  1. taste            2. land         3. sense            4. bid               5. symbol         6.         struggle

Ex 4:

  1. choice         2. press           3. movement               4. speech         5. individual

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