Using Collocation to Boost Your IELTS Score – Key Word: image

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Key Word: image

1          Verb + image ( how other see us)

Use the correct form of these verbs:

change            create              improve

shed                 tarnish             project

  1. Millions have been spent on advertising in an effort to _________ a sexy image for the new perfume from Chanel.
  2. Since winning the gold medal at the Olympic Games, his image has been _________ by accusations of drug use which he hotly denies.
  3. Many businesses hire public relations consultants to help them_________ their image in the market place.
  4. Getting a totally new hair-do is the way most women try to _________ their image.
  5. Eastbourne on the south coast of England is trying hard to _________ the dull image the public have of it and promote itself as an attractive seaside resort.
  6. Sometimes it’s difficult to find out what pop idols and filmstars are really like – all you ever see is the image they _________ on the screen.

2          Common adjective collocations

Use these adjectives to complete the sentences:

clean                 new                                     right

public              stereotyped                  staid and stuffy

  1. The police in the UK are often accused of having a _________ image of black people and other ethnic minorities.
  2. I changed my hairstyle and replaced my entire wardrobe in order to create a _________ and younger image.
  3. Like most politicians, the prime minister’s _________ image is very different from the person underneath.
  4. Museums are trying hard to shed their _________ image and become more interesting and attractive to young people.
  5. There is no doubt that recent events have damaged the ___________ image that the President has successfully cultivated over the years.
  6. Today all political parties have to project the _________ image if they are going to attract the female vote.

3          Verb + image (picture)

Use the correct form of these verbs:

appear                         blot out            capture

conjure up                  produce           project

  1. Some horrific images of war were_________ by TV crews filming on the battlefield.
  2. Slowly, a blurred image began to _________ on the screen. Man had landed on Mars.
  3. I’ve tried to_________ the image of my mother’s sad face, but it just keeps coming back to me.
  4. The Hubble telescope _________ sharper images of stars than those of any telescope on earth.
  5. For many people, the word ‘tropical’ _________ images of palm trees and deserted beaches.
  6. A giant image of Madonna was_________ onto a huge screen above the stage. Her fans went wild.


In 1-3 ‘promote’ is also possible.

In 1-5 ‘shake off’ is also possible.

2.         This expression means ‘identical’:

William is the spitting image of his father.

3.         Things can be ‘bad for your image’:

Daly’s advisers said it would be bad for his image to be photographed with the protesters.

4.         Note the expression ‘fit (somebody’s) image of something’:

Wearing jeans and no tie, Mr Jones hardly fits most people’s image of a headmaster!

5.         Note the expression ‘part of somebody’s image’:

I don’t need glasses – they’re just part of my image.


Ex 1:

  1. create 2. tarnished 3. improve       4. change         5. shed            6. project

Ex 2:

  1. stereotyped 2. new  3. public     4. staid and stuffy    5. clean    6. right

Ex 3:

  1. captured 2. appear 3. blot out     4. produces      5. conjures up     6. projected

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