Using Collocation to Boost Your IELTS Score – Key Word: impression

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Key Word: impression

1          Verb + impression

Choose the correct verb in each sentence:

  1. When I was introduced to Jill, I did my best to be friendly, but I _______________ the impression that she just wanted to be left alone. (got / gave)
  2. It’s important to _____________ a good impression when you meet a new customer. (get / create)
  3. During the interview, I watched and listened to the candidate and I ____________ the impression that she didn’t really want the job. (formed / faced)
  4. Don’t get me wrong, but I ____________ the impression that you’re finding the class a bit easy. (have / feel)
  5. Remember that it ____________ a bad impression if you’re late for an interview. (makes / gets)
  6. We had a lovely meal with the Blairs, but we both ____________ the impression that all was not well with their relationship. (gave away / came away with)
  7. You’re____________ the impression that you don’t really like being here. (getting / giving)
  8. I really want to____________ the right impression when I meet your aunt. What shall I wear? (get / convey)

Go back and underline the verb collocations.

2          Common adjective expressions

Use the correct adjective in these sentences:

distinct             favourable

general            initial

lasting             strong

wrong              right

  1. My first impression of Istanbul was very ____________. I took an instant liking to it.
  2. The best schoolteachers usually make a ____________ impression on their students, who remember them all their lives.
  3. Look, you really must get your hair cut. You don’t want to give the ____________ impression on your first day in the new job, do you?
  4. What were your first impressions of the school? > My ____________ impressions were very positive.
  5. In job interviews, successful candidates tend to be the people who know exactly how to make the ____________ impression very quickly.
  6. Travelling through the Amazon rainforests made a deep impression on me. It also made a ____________ impression on my wife.
  7. As I walked along the dark lane, I couldn’t see anybody, but I had the ____________ impression I was being watched.
  8. The ____________ or overall impression she gave was one of kindness and generosity.

3          Positive and negative impressions

Match the two halves of the sentences.

Negative impressions:

  1. Don’t take your visitors anywhere there are beggars. You don’t want to give them
  2. The way they are always laughing gives
  3. If you only visit the university, you’ll get
  4. So they’re only friends! I was under
  5. The film gave the very misleading impression

a          the mistaken impression that they were married.

b          a wrong impression. The town isn’t really very nice.

c          a misleading impression of their relationship. They’re actually a very unhappy couple.

d          that Glasgow is a very violent city.

e          a false impression of the city.

Positive impressions:

  1. The kids’ performance gave an excellent impression
  2. Monet’s paintings give a tremendous impression
  3. Meeting the President made a great impression

a          of the youth of today.

b          on me.

c          of light and sky.



1.         In 3-4‘be under the impression’ means to believe that something is true when it is not:

I’m sorry, I was under the impression that you were Wendy’s father.

She’s under the impression that I have a lot of money. I just don’t know where she got that idea!

2.         Note how we ask for an opinion:

What’s your impression of Mr Acton as a manager?

3.         Note that ‘impression’ also means to copy somebody’s voice or behaviour:

He does a good impression of George Bush.

You should hear his impression of Hugh Grant!

4.         When they don’t have a photograph, the police often issue ‘artist’s impressions’ of criminals, based on descriptions by witnesses.



Ex 1:

l got                                 2. create           3. formed        4. have             5. makes

6 came away with       7. giving          8. convey

Ex 2:

  1. favourable 2. strong 3. wrong    4. initial    5. right   6. lasting   7. distinct   8. general

Ex 3:

l-e        2-c       3-b       4-a       5-d       6-a       7-c       8-b

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