Using Collocation to Boost Your IELTS Score – Key Word: information

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Key Word:  information

1          Verb + information

Use the correct form of these verbs:

find                  gather              provide

share               take in             withhold

  1. Information about safety procedures on this Boeing 737 can be___________ in the seat pocket in front of you. Please read it carefully.
  2. I’m sure the Rough Guide to Bangkok will ___________ all the information you’ll need.
  3. I know this is a lot of information to ___________   all at once. You’ll need time to absorb it all.
  4. I’ve been to several libraries to ___________ information for my research project, but I still haven’t collected enough.
  5. I was arrested and charged with deliberately ___________             information from the police. How can I tell them it was my son who stole the car!
  6. Conferences are excellent events for professional people like scientists and doctors to ___________ information and exchange ideas.

2          Common adjective collocations

Use these adjectives to complete the sentences:

confidential                 further             misleading

reliable                        latest                vital

  1. All the details of your medical history will be treated as strictly ___________ information. No other organisation will have access to it.
  2. Check that all the information on your form is correct before sending it in. You may be prosecuted if you give false or ___________ information.
  3. Police want to trace the driver of a red car seen outside the bank yesterday afternoon around 3pm. They believe the driver might hold ___________ information which could help to catch the bank robbers.
  4. We have ___________ information that a hijack attempt will be made on a British plane some time in the next week. As a result, security has been increased at all airports.
  5. For ___________  information on any of our products, phone 0181 690 9368. Alternatively, consult our website for the ___________ information.

 3         Noun + of + information

Use these nouns to complete the expressions:

access              amount           mine                piece                scrap

a  a tremendous ___________ of information

b  a very interesting ___________ of information

c  every ___________ of information

d  a constant ___________ of information

e   ___________  to the information

Now use these complete expressions below:

  1. Here’s ___________ ! The paper says that drinking green tea helps you to live longer.
  2. The material about the Government’s arms sales to Zimbabwe was classified, so we were denied ___________ we needed for our investigation.
  3. My Gran knows so much about everything. She is ___________ .
  4. I’m really interested in keeping stick insects. I’ve read ___________  I can find on the subject.
  5. You can store ___________ on a computer.


1.         In I-2‘contain’ is also possible.

2.         Note how we can say something has a lot of information:

The book is packed with useful information.

3.         Note the phrase ‘for the information of’:

This announcement is for the information of those passengers who have connecting flights to the UK.

4.         An ‘information centre’ is a place where you can get information or advice.

5.         IT or ‘information technology’ is the use of computers for storing and using information. The internet is sometimes referred to as ‘the information superhighway’.

6.         Note these more formal ways of gathering information:

Police have received information that the robbers may already have left the country.

Weapons inspectors have obtained information on a possible burial site of weapons of mass destruction.



Ex 1: 1. found            2. provide      3. take in   4.gather      5. withholding      6. share

Ex 2: 1. confidential  2. misleading  3. vital       4. reliable   5. further, latest

Ex 3: a. amount           b. piece            c. scrap            d. mine            e. access

  1. a very interesting piece of information
  2. access to the information
  3. a constant mine of information
  4. every scrap of information
  5. a tremendous amount of information

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