Using Collocation to Boost Your IELTS Score – Key Word : Interest

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Key word : Interest

1          Common adjective collocations

Complete the sentences with these adjectives :

main                keen                passing

real                  shared             unhealthy

  1. We looked at a number of brochures, but I could tell by her lack of enthusiasm that she had no ___________ interest in going on holiday with me.
  2. We’re more than a little worried by our son’s ___________ interest in guns and death.
  3. I have a wide range of interests but my ___________ interest is bird-watching.
  4. When Jane and I first met, we discovered we had a number of___________ interests – classical music, modern painting, and skiing.
  5. No, my husband no longer collects stamps. It was only a ___________ interest.
  6. During his visit, the Prince expressed a ___________ interest in seeing how chocolate was produced.

2          Verb + interest

Choose the correct verb In the following :

  1. Half-way through this morning’s grammar lesson, my interest began to sag. I began to ___________  interest. I’d heard it all before. (lose / forget)
  2. Spielberg’s latest film has___________ a lot of interest. Everybody is talking about it. (shown / aroused)
  3. What kind of father is Edward? He doesn’t seem to___________ much interest in his children. He never takes them out anywhere. (show / hold)
  4. My wife and I ___________ an interest in gardening. We spend most of our free time either working in the garden or visiting gardens. (hold / share)
  5. These days it takes a very good lecturer to ___________ the students’ interest for an hour. (hold / take)
  6. Teachers who___________ a real interest in their students find that they get better results than teachers who just do their jobs and no more. (take / get)

Now match the two halves of these sentences :

  1. Unlike her brother,
  2. The use of child labour is an issue
  3. Our youngest son, Jamie, is only 12,
  4. I think last night’s programme on Channel 4
  5. Do you think it’s right for parents
  6. Why did so many teachers in the past

a          which has aroused a great deal of public interest.

b          to take an interest in the children’s friends?

c          kill most students’ interest in their subjects?

d          Beth has never expressed any interest in sport.

e          but he seems to be developing an interest in girls.

f           has created quite an interest in the new electric car.

3          Noun + of + interest

Complete the sentences below with these nouns :

lack                 site                   places

spark               building           source

  1. You certainly won’t be bored in Edinburgh. There are many ___________ of interest to visit.
  2. My young children continue to fascinate me. They are a constant ___________ of interest.
  3. The trip was cancelled due to ___________ of interest. Only three tickets had been sold.
  4. Despite our best efforts to get our children interested in classical music, they didn’t show a single ___________of interest!
  5. The Pompidou Centre in Paris is a ___________ of huge architectural interest.
  6. Just down the road from here is a ___________of great historical interest. It was where one of the biggest battles between England and Scotland took place.


In 2-2 ‘generate’ and ‘attract’ are also possible.

In 2-3 ‘take’ is also possible.

2.         ‘Outside interests’ are interests not connected to your job.

He has no outside interests. His work is his life.

3.         If something is ‘in the public interest’, it means it is for the good of the people:

The government believes it is in the public interest that these facts are made known.

4.         Interests can also be advantages or benefits:

The interests of local fishing communities must be protected.

5.         Note these two common adjective expressions:

I read your article with great interest

I took a keen interest in what he had to say.

Answer Key

Ex 1 :

  1.  real      2. unhealthy      3. main       4. shared   5. passing          6.         keen

Ex 2 :

  1. lose          2. aroused          3. show            4. share            5. hold             6. take

       7-d       8-a         9-e         10-f        11-b        12-c

Ex 3 :

  1. places    2. source     3. lack              4. spark            5. building       6. site

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