Using Collocation to Boost Your IELTS Score – Key Word: item

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Key word: item

1          Adjective + item

Complete the sentences with these adjectives:

bulky               faulty               essential          important

main                next                 missing            valuable

  1. The police arrived soon after the break-in and asked us to do our best to make a list of all the__________ items.
  2. During the emergency, people stocked up on __________ items like food and candles.
  3. I think the __________ item on the agenda for this afternoon’s meeting is going to be the resignation of our secretary. I wonder why she’s leaving.
  4. Most modern hotels provide a safe in your room where you can keep __________ items. For a small charge they will keep more expensive items in the hotel safe at Reception.
  5. Please note that the most __________ items are listed in bold type in the booklet.
  6. Heavy and __________ items are expensive to transport by air. That’s why it’s cheaper using surface post.
  7. Now, let’s move on to the__________ item on the agenda.
  8. Our policy is to replace __________ items without question.

2          Expressions with nouns

Match the two halves of these sentences:

  1. Most people today see their PC just like a television set,
  2. All items for the agenda for our next meeting
  3. I remember when a fridge was considered a luxury item,
  4. Please note that this insurance policy doesn’t cover you for loss or damage
  5. Old clocks like this one have become collectors’ items
  6. Several items of clothing

a          to household items such as towels and bedding.

b          because they’re becoming increasingly rare.

c          were found at the scene of the crime.

d          a consumer item just like anything else in their home.

e          but for most people today it’s a necessity.

f           must be with me at least one week in advance.

Go back and underline the noun collocations.

3          Items as single things

Complete the sentences below with these words:

each                individual                    ten

particular        single

  1. Can I pay for__________ item separately?
  2. For many people their house is their largest __________ item of expenditure.
  3. That__________ item is not for sale, I’m afraid.
  4. __________  items of furniture have a price tag on them.
  5. This checkout is for customers with__________ items or less.


1.         Note that item can refer to a report on TV:

The 9 o’clock news carried an item about an old age pensioner who’d starved to death.

The programme featured an item on one-parent families.

2.         Note the following expression:

The management cannot accept liability for items stolen from your car while it is in the car park.

3.         This is a common expression:

The customs official checked through the contents of my suitcase, item by item.

4.         Note these common expressions using ‘of’:

A watch is the main item of jewellery worn by men.

A maximum of three items of clothing is allowed into the changing rooms.

The local museum has a number of items of great historical interest.



Ex 1:

  1. missing 2. essential 3. main 4. valuable 5. important 6. bulky 7. next 8. faulty

Ex 2:

l-d        2-f       3-e       4-a       5-b       6-c

Ex 3:

  1. each    2. single    3. particular     4. Individual      5.ten

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