Using Collocation to Boost Your IELTS Score – Key Word: judgement

Key word: judgement

1          Judgement (making decisions)

Which set of verbs fit best in the sentences?

a trust / rely on / depend on

b showed / exercised / used

c challenged / doubted / questioned

d use / rely on / exercise

e form / come to

  1. I’m afraid whether to marry Sandra or not is not something I can give you advice on. You’ll have to ___________ your own judgement.
  2. I think recent events have called into question the director’s judgement. = > Be careful. No one has ever ___________ his judgement before.
  3. What do you think we should do about this money that’s missing from the accounts? I’m finding it hard to___________ a judgement on what course of action to take.
  4. I ___________ my wife’s judgement on financial matters. She’s got a degree in economics.
  5. The speaker ___________ good judgement in his choice of words when that guy asked all those difficult questions.

2          Verb + judgement

Complete the sentences below with the more natural collocation:

  1. Until I’ve heard your brother’s side of the story, I think I’m going to ___________ judgement. (keep / reserve)
  2. What do you think of our new headmaster? > It’s still too early to ___________  a judgement but so far he seems OK. (form / make)
  3. Mike’s appalling behaviour at the meeting just ___________ my earlier judgement of him. He’s the rudest person I’ve ever met. (confused / confirmed)
  4. Who are you to___________ judgement on my behaviour? Just remember you’re no saint yourself! (make / pass)
  5. I think I’ll___________ your judgement when it comes to deciding which wine to order. You know a lot more about it than me. (trust / believe)
  6. When it comes to trusting people, ___________ your own judgement. Don’t listen to what other people think.(depend on / rely on)

 3         Useful expressions

Complete the sentences with these expressions:

in my judgement

against my better judgement

a distinct lack of judgement

an error of judgement

  1. As a very experienced politician, the Minister should never have allowed the Sultan to pay for his hotel accommodation. He showed ___________ .
  2. ___________  , we should not have accepted Jim’s resignation. He was too valuable a person to lose.
  3. I went to the party ___________ . I should have stayed at home and tried to get rid of this cold.
  4. To say that you were guilty of ___________ when you spoke to the press about the disagreements at the meeting is the under-statement of the year. I think you’ll soon be looking for a new job.

Go back and underline other useful collocations in this exercise.



1.         Note how we talk about good judgement:

His decision was based on sound judgement

2.         Note how we express lack of confidence in someone’s judgement:

Because no WMD have been found, people are calling the PM’s judgement into question.

I’ve lost thousands in the stock market. It really has destroyed my confidence in the judgement of my financial advisor.

3.         Note these expressions which show a negative influence on our judgement:

A judge must never allow any personal prejudice to colour his judgement.

Don’t let your disappointment cloud your judgement.

The alcohol had impaired the driver’s judgement.

I mustn’t let my feelings interfere with my professional judgement.

4.         ‘The Day of Judgement’ or ‘Judgement Day’ describes the Christian idea that one day our lives will be judged by God.



Ex 1:  l-d          2-c       3-e       4-a       5-b

Ex 2: 1. reserve      2. form      3. confirmed      4. pass      5. trust       6.rely on

Ex 3:

  1. a distinct lack of judgement
  2. In my judgement
  3. against my better judgement
  4. an error of judgement

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