Using Collocation to Boost Your IELTS Score – Key Word: question

Key Word: question

1          Verb + question

Use the correct form of these verbs:

answer                        avoid

expect                          invite

repeat                          have

raise                            misunderstand

  1. Please read the instructions carefully, then _____________ the following questions.
  2. Do you mind if I_____________ the embarrassing question of expenses? How much do we get?
  3. The Prime Minister wasn’t_____________ a question about his private life and it caught him completely off guard.
  4. For the benefit of those who weren’t listening the first time, I will_____________ the question.
  5. I’m afraid you’ve completely _____________ my question.
  6. At the end of his talk, the speaker _____________ questions from the audience.
  7. Just answer the question I asked and stop trying to_____________ it!
  8. Does anyone_____________ any more questions?

2          Common adjective collocations

Use the following adjectives in these sentences:

burning           innocent

open                personal

straight            unexpected

  1. I expect a straight answer to a _____________ question, so don’t give me any rubbish about having to consult your colleagues first!
  2. Do you mind if I ask you a rather _____________ question? It’s about your relationship with Paula. > Sure, go ahead.
  3. Whether we move to London or not is still an _____________ question. We’re having problems making our minds up.
  4. The speaker was clearly caught off balance by the_____________ question.
  5. I only asked a perfectly_____________ question, and he came out with all this abuse! I don’t know what he got all upset about!
  6. The_____________ question at the moment is – will interest rates go up and by how much?

Go back and underline the adjective collocations.

 3         Noun + preposition + question

Complete the sentences with these nouns:

barrage                       kind                reply    series

  1. His vague_____________ to my question was somewhat unsatisfactory.
  2. At the public meeting, the speaker was faced with a_____________ of angry questions from the floor.
  3. You work your way through the program by answering a_____________ of yes/no questions.
  4. Asking this ______________ of question could get you into deep trouble.



In 1-3‘anticipating’ is also possible.

In 1-7 ‘evade’ and ‘sidestep’ are also possible.

2.         If you ‘pop the question’, you ask somebody to marry you!

3.         Note the following verbs which follow ‘question’:

Questions remain about the President’s honesty.

The final question completely foxed the panel of experts.

4.         Note the following adjectives used to describe difficult questions:

Children often ask awkward questions about sex.

I felt he dealt well with a very tricky question.

5.         Note these expressions:

The audience was invited to put questions to both the speakers.

Journalists bombarded the President with questions about the war.

We will win the cup. There is no question about it.

I’m afraid a day off tomorrow is out of the question.

6.         A ‘searching’ or ‘probing’ question is one which someone usually doesn’t want to answer:

In court he was asked searching questions about the nature of his private life.



Ex 1:

1 answer                      2. raise             3. expecting     4. repeat

4 misunderstood         6. invited         7. avoid           8. have

Ex 2:  1 straight 2. personal 3. open 4. unexpected 5. innocent 6. burning

Ex 3:  1. reply              2. barrage        3. series           4. kind

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