Using Collocation to Boost Your IELTS Score – Key Word: request

Key Word: request

1          Verb + request

Use the correct form of these verbs:

deal with                     ignore

grant                           make

meet with                    receive

agree to                       refuse

  1. I don’t get on with my boss, so I’ve ____________ a request for a transfer to another department.
  2. She’s such a nice person that I couldn’t bring myself to____________ her request.
  3. The box office has been inundated with requests for tickets. We’ve____________ over one thousand requests since the telephone lines opened at 9 this morning.
  4. I applied for two months’ unpaid leave to travel around India, but I’m afraid my request has ____________ a flat refusal!
  5. Please be patient. We are a bit understaffed today. Your request will be ____________ in due course.
  6. We’ve just had a request for help from a hospital in Zimbabwe. I don’t think we can____________ it.
  7. The judge ____________ the request for a break when some startling new evidence suddenly came to light.
  8. The deposed president’s request for political asylum has been ____________ , so he will be able to remain in France indefinitely.

2          Common adjective collocations

Use the following adjectives in these sentences:

special                         last                   reasonable

popular                       repeated          urgent

  1. I’ve made ____________ requests to my neighbours to turn their music down, but they just think I’m mad.
  2. My father’s____________ request was that there should be no flowers at his funeral.
  3. You’ve nothing to lose by asking for a rise. It seems a perfectly ____________ request to make.
  4. He received an ____________  request to meet the Prime Minister and left for London immediately.
  5. I’ve got a ____________ request. Could you play ‘All you need is love’?
  6. The film is on TV every Christmas by ___________ request.

3          Expressions with prepositions

Complete the phrases in italics with a suitable preposition:

  1. I’m here ____________ the request of my boss. He couldn’t make the meeting and asked me to take his place.
  2. Full details are available____________ request. Just send a stamped addressed envelope to the address below.
  3. The writer’s name was withheld, ____________ request. Given the content of the article, the author feared for his safety.
  4. We’ve had lots of requests____________ more information about visa requirements for Tibet.


1.         In 2-6 note the fixed expression ‘by popular request’. Something happens by popular request if lots of people ask for it.

2.         Note the phrasal verbs in the following:

The bus company turned down a request for reduced prices for pensioners, (refused)

He put in a request for a week’s extra holiday, but he doesn’t hold out much hope of the boss granting it. (made)

3.         In 3-2 if something is available on request, you have to write for it specially.

4.         If you ask for something for yourself, you do so ‘at your own request.’

The footballer, Ali Smith, has been put on the transfer list at his own request.


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Ex 1:

l made        2. refuse          3. received / dealt with           4. met with

5 dealt with     6. ignore          7. agreed to                 8.granted

Ex 2:

  1. repeated 2. last 3. reasonable 4. urgent 5. special 6. popular

Ex 3:

l. at         2. on                3. by                4. for

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