Increase Your IELTS Score with Collocations – Key Word: response

Key word: response

1          Common adjective collocations

Use the following adjectives in these sentences:

disappointing              enthusiastic                 initial

mixed                               positive                        satisfactory

  1. The response to the proposal, in the main, has been very _____________. Everyone I’ve spoken to is in favour.
  2. There was an_____________ response to my suggestion that we go camping for the weekend. Everybody’s really excited about the idea.
  3. When I heard what he said about me, my_____________ response was one of anger.
  4. If I don’t receive a_____________ response from you, I will be forced to put this matter into the hands of my solicitor.
  5. The council’s decision to subsidise public transport has met with a _____________ response. Those who use the buses think it is a great idea, but most car owners are against it.
  6. The response to our appeal for help has been rather _____________. Very few people have come forward.

Match up the following adjective collocations with the meaning opposite:


a quiet                                     an immediate response

b fast                                        a lukewarm response

c not enthusiastic                  a favourable response

d good                                      a muted response

2          In response to  ………

Complete the sentences with these words:

appeal                         complaints      criticism          pressure

  1. The school has changed some of its teaching methods in response to ____________ in the latest report by government inspectors.
  2. Millions of people gave freely in response to the ____________ for the victims of the famine in East Africa.
  3. In response to ____________ about the number of minor accidents in its factory, the company has decided to review its safety procedures.
  4. Management have reduced the working week to 38 hours in response to____________ from the unions.

Go back and underline these noun collocations.

3          Expressions with prepositions

Match up the halves of these sentences:

  1. The school is delighted with
  2. The marketing people are disappointed with
  3. I was totally unprepared for
  4. Have you had any response yet to
  5. What’s the response been like from

a          the people you work with?

b          the response to its appeal to raise £10,000.

c          your letter of resignation?

d          his response. He actually hit me!

e          the poor response to their TV adverts.



1.         Note the verbs that we use to describe getting a response:

Plans to reduce the workforce have produced an angry response from union leaders.

The speech provoked an angry response from teachers and community leaders.

The proposed shopping centre met with an angry response from local residents.

2.         Notice these examples of an initial / immediate response:

When anything goes wrong, his immediate response is to blame other people. I wish he would stop and think before opening his mouth!

What do you think the initial response will be to this announcement?

3.         If you make no response to somebody, you ignore them or say nothing.

4.         Note this formal expression in business letters:

I am writing in response to your letter of May 12th.



Ex 1:

  1. positive 2. enthusiastic 3. initial  4. satisfactory  5.          mixed  6. disappointing


a a muted response

b an immediate response

c a lukewarm response

d a favourable response

Ex 2: 1. criticism         2. appeal          3. complaints              4. pressure

Ex 3: l-b          2-e       3-d       4-c       5-a

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