Using Collocation to Boost Your IELTS Score – Key Word: result


1          Verb + result(s)

Use the correct form of these verbs:

await               depend on

know               have

predict             see

  1. With both France and Italy playing well it is difficult to ____________ the result of the match between the two teams.
  2. He is anxiously ____________ the results of medical tests.
  3. I don’t know if I will be going to university next year. Everything ____________ the results of my examinations.
  4. This new diet relies on eating less food in order to obtain results. I’ve been following the diet for a month and I’m just beginning to ____________  some results.
  5. Have you ____________ the results of your blood test yet?
  6. I finished my exams yesterday, but I won’t ____________ the results for a month. It’s going to be a nail- biting time until I hear the results.

Go back and underline the verb collocations.

2          Results + verb

Use the correct form of these verbs:

confirm                       exceed

indicate                       prove

represent                     support

  1. Early results____________ that the government will be returned to power with a big majority.
  2. The results of the tests ____________ my worst fears – I’m losing my sight.
  3. We’re delighted at the results our students achieved. These results ____________ all our expectations.
  4. The results of these latest experiments seem to ____________ the theory that music can help people to think better. I think I’ll start listening to Mozart while I’m doing my homework!
  5. These results ____________ a major breakthrough in the treatment of AIDS.
  6. I don’t think these latest results ____________ that one school is better than any other.

Go back and underline the verb collocations.

3          Common adjective collocations

Use the following adjectives in these sentences:

best                  direct               disappointing

disastrous        end                  inevitable

  1. There was little the doctors could do to save the woman. She died as a ____________ result of the injuries she received in the crash.
  2. I tried to put up a bookshelf with ____________ results! I only succeeded in making two large holes in the wall!
  3. I’m not quite sure what the____________ result of all these meetings is. I just hope that something constructive will come out of it!
  4. Long traffic jams were the ____________ result of the decision to ban cars from the city centre.
  5. For____________ results, bake the pie at a low temperature.
  6. The team should have done much better – what a ____________ result!


1.         Note these common expressions:

There is no fixed salary. Your income will be decided on the basis of the results that you achieve.

In view of these poor results, it is impossible for us to consider a pay rise at this time.

2.         Notice this adjective collocation:

I’m sure we can achieve the desired result

3.         Note these two common expressions:

Stephen wasn’t at school last week – with the result that he missed a couple of important exams.

Jane was ill and, as a result, she missed the party.

4.         Note these common noun collocations:

examination results                 election result

a surprise result                       the football results



Ex 1: 1. predict    2. awaiting    3. depends on    4. see    5. had     6. know

Ex 2: 1. indicate    2. confirmed    3. exceeded    4. support    5. represent    6. prove

Ex 3: 1. direct     2. disastrous     3. end    4. inevitable    5. best    6.   disappointing

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