Using Collocation to Boost Your IELTS Score – Key Word: Use Collocation To Boost Your IELTS Score – Key Word- Use Collocation To Boost Your IELTS Score – Key Word- Use

Key word – Use

1          Verb + use

Use the correct form of these verbs:

introduce                     ban                  have                lose

recommend                 share               make

  1. I’m afraid she can’t walk. She ____________ the use of her legs in a road accident a few years ago.
  2. As there is a shortage of practice facilities, both teams will have to ____________ the use of the gymnasium.
  3. In order to reduce pollution we need to ____________ more use of the energy provided by the sun and the wind.
  4. Let’s go for a drive. I ____________ the use of my father’s car for the weekend.
  5. Doctors discourage the use of fats in cooking and ____________ the use of oils instead.
  6. The United Nations should ____________ the use of all chemical weapons.
  7. The aim of the course is to ____________ you to the uses of the internet.

2          Noun + preposition + use

Complete the following expressions with the correct preposition, then use them in the sentences below:

guidelines………the use                     ease………use

increase………the use                        range………uses

restrictions………the use                   years………use

  1. The steep _____________ of mobile phones in recent years has led to a dramatic reduction in the use of phone boxes.
  2. The steps in the castle had been worn away by _____________ .
  3. Our organisation has to follow very strict _____________ and storage of personal details on computers.
  4. During the war there were _____________ of cars and many people travelled everywhere by bicycle.
  5. Buy a food processor. It has a _____________ in the kitchen. It can mix, chop and juice.
  6. It’s very user-friendly. There is a large handle at the front of the device for ____________ .

3          Common adjective collocations

Choose the more natural collocation in each sentence:

  1. This medicine is for external / outside use only. It should not be taken internally.
  2. This entrance is in constant / full use. Please do not park in front of it.
  3. Your son is very clever, but he doesn’t make complete / full use of his abilities. He is capable of much better results.
  4. I thought I’d give my tennis racket to Andy since I’ve no remaining / further use for it. I’m just too old to play now.
  5. The sign next to the fire alarm said ‘Penalty for improper / wrong use – £200’.
  6. The everyday / widespread use of antibiotics is causing a lot of unexpected health problems. As a result doctors are beginning to restrict their use of these drugs.
  7. This shampoo is very mild and doesn’t dry your hair out. It’s ideal for everyday / widespread use.
  8. Members of the club have constant / unlimited use of the swimming pool at weekends.


1.         Note the following useful expressions:

Organic vegetables are grown without the use of chemical fertilisers.

All of the equipment must be sterilised before use in the operating theatre.

Teenage drug use is on the increase.


If something is used a lot, we say: heavy use                        extensive use

If something is used normally, we say: normal use                ordinary use

If something is used a little, we say: occasional use              limited use

3.         If something is of little use, it is no longer useful and may even be useless.

4.         The question What’s the use? means What’s the point? For example:

What’s the use of complaining? Nobody listens!


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Ex 1: 1. lost     2. share    3. make     4. have    5. recommend    6. ban     7. introduce

Ex 2:

  1. increase in the use
  2. years of use
  3. guidelines on the use
  4. restrictions on the use
  5. range of uses
  6. ease of use

Ex 3:

1 external      2. constant       3.full        4.further

5 improper    6. widespread      7. everyday     8. unlimited

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