Using Collocation to Boost Your IELTS Score – Key Word: Value


1          Verb + value

Use the correct form of these verbs:20

assess              depend on                   fall

hold                 offer

  1. The value of most cars depreciates quite quickly, but sports cars tend to _____________ their value well.
  2. Everything is included in the price. This holiday certainly_____________ value for money.
  3. The exact value of the vase will _____________ its condition. You can expect around £3000 if it’s in perfect condition.
  4. When we decided to sell our house, an estate agent came round to_____________ the value of the property.
  5. The value of the pound_____________ against the dollar and other major currencies yesterday.

2          Value (interesting quality)

Use these words to complete the sentences:

nutritional                   sentimental                 novelty             shock

  1. It’s a not an expensive watch, but it’s of great _____________ value to me. It belonged to my grandfather.
  2. A lot of junk food is tasty, but much of it has no_____________ value whatsoever.
  3. The game has a certain_____________ value – it’s new and interesting – but I think people will get bored with it quite quickly.
  4. The sex wasn’t necessary in the film. I think it was included purely for its ___________ value.

3          Different values

Values (plural) means a set of beliefs. Match the following:

  1. People from the same culture tend to share
  2. Older people tend to regret the loss of
  3. The main political parties say they stand for
  4. Lots of people reject

a          traditional values. But they often forget that the ‘good old days’ were often not very good!

b          similar values. Maybe this is less true today than it used to be.

c          middle-class values as not relevant to them.

d          family values. It’s an easy thing to say!

4          Common adjective collocations

Use these adjectives in the sentences:

face                 great                incalculable

market             original           street

  1. Tickets were changing hands at many times their _____________ value. I had to pay £20 for a £5 ticket.
  2. The thieves took a few small things, but nothing of _____________ value.
  3. I had to sell my car well below its_____________ value. It was worth a lot more than I got for it.
  4. Last night customs officers at Heathrow airport seized drugs with an estimated _____________ value of £5 million.
  5. These ancient paintings are of_____________ value. It’s simply impossible to put a price on them.
  6. The present value of these shares is £4000 – they’re now worth ten times their _____________ value.


1.         Value is often used to talk about something important or useful:

I don’t think parents should set too high a value on exam results.

The discovery of these old letters will be of great value to historians.

2.         Note the following preposition + value phrases:

Jewellery to the value of three million pounds was stolen.

The pound dropped in value yesterday.

Their house has Increased in value by about £20,000.

Do not leave any articles of value in your hotel room.



Ex 1: 1. hold               2. offers           3. depend on               4. assess           5. fell

Ex 2: 1. sentimental                2. nutritional                3. novelty        4. shock

Ex 3:    l-b        2-a       3-d       4-c

Ex 4: l. face  2. great  3. market  4. street  5. incalculable  6. original

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