10 Phrasal Verbs to Push Your Speaking Score to Band 8 or Higher (Part 1)

Phrasal Verbs
Phrasal Verbs

Do you want that extra edge to push your score to Band 8.0 or higher for the IELTS test? Let’s make the most out of  10 English phrasal verbs to stand out and get the score you need!

You will probably be asked to talk about a multitude of different topics such as work, study, Books And Films, Relationship, Physical Appearance, Personality, Music, Food in the IELTS Speaking Section. Native speakers use phrasal verbs all the time in conversation! Stay well-prepared for these topics with these phrasal verbs to sound more natural and native when speaking informally.

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Here are five that are easy to use and will impress your examiner:

1. Make it: arrive or get a result
Examiner: Do you have any expectation regarding your scholarship application?
Candidate: I am not sure if I am good enough to actually get the scholarship, but I expect to at least make it to the final round

2. Bone up on:
 to learn.
Example: I had to bone up on my English studies to push my IELTS score to a 7 or higher.

3. Do away with: end/ terminate
Example: Personally, I think we should do away with school uniforms. Students should wear what they like.

4. End up: become eventually
Example: I’m not sure what I will end up doing with my life. I can’t decide on a career path.

5. Figure out: to learn the details of something, or discover how it works.
Example: I figured out how to fix the television.

6. Make do with: accept something less satisfactory because there’s no alternative
Examiner: Can you tell me something memorable about one of your recent outings?
Candidate: Sure! My friends and I went to a friend’s house last week. Things were great, except that there was no coffee, so we had to make do with tea.

7. Goof off: to waste time or avoid work 
Example: I used to spend most of the school days goofing off with her friends.

8. Make of: understand or have an opinion
Candidate: I’m not sure what to make of this question. Could you rephrase it for me?

9. Worn out
: exhaust/ tire
Example: I’m usually worn out by the end of the week because I’m studying for IELTS and working as well.

10. Clam up:
 say nothing usually because you are embarrassed or nervous
Example: I clammed up when she asked me to answer the question.

Do you have any other phrasal verbs you’d like to use in the IELTS exam?

Let us know what they are in the comments section below!

I divided this topic about Phrasal Verbs for IELTS Speaking into three posts in order not to make the single post too long. Check out the other post at: 11 Phrasal Verbs to Boost Your Speaking Score to Band 8 or Higher (Part 2)

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