AcademicIELTS Writing Task 2 Topic (in September, 2015) & Band 9.0 Model Essay writing band 9 essay -topic crime writing band 9 essay -topic crime

IELTS Writing Actual Test in September, 2015 & Band 9 Argumentative Essay – Topic : Educating Criminal

Studies show that criminals get low level of education. Some people believe that the best way to reduce the crime is educating people in prison so they can get a job after leaving prison. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

Band 9.0 Sample :

Education for offenders during imprisonment as a method to reduce the rate of crime has evolved as a major topic of concern in today’s society. While I agree that such a solution is effective to reduce crime, I am convinced that it is far from being the best method and there are many better ways of reducing crime.

I accept that education for prisoners may contribute to the reduction of the crime rate. The primary reason is that such a form of education could provide offenders with the working skills that are essential when they return to the community. With fortified job prospects, prisoners may therefore earn a living after leaving the prison and are less likely to commit a crime again. Another significant reason is that education could show the offenders that they are still appreciated by society. By this way, they may feel an enhanced sense of humanity and community, and become better citizens after their prison years. These people may then inspire many others in the public to live without crime.

However, I am firmly of the opinion that education for offenders is not the best solution to reduce crime. This form of education is offered only to those who have committed a crime, and therefore has far less preventive value, compared to other stronger solutions. For example, severe punishments such as longer imprisonment for criminals could deter criminal acts by many people in the public who have the intention to carry out a crime. There are also other educational methods that may have a stronger and more long-lasting impact on the reduction of crime. An excellent example of this is crime education at school, which helps equip students with the necessary knowledge about crime and crime prevention. This measure is undeniably a more sustainable crime-fighting solution than education for criminals.

To conclude, I firmly believe that although educating prisoners is an effective way to reduce crime, it is not the best solution, as there are more preventive and sustainable measures such as crime education at school and stricter punishments for criminals.

(344 words, written by IELTS Teacher, Tu Pham)

Useful Words/Phrases :

  • Appreciate: to recognize the good qualities of somebody/something.
    ==>His talents are not fully appreciated in that company
  • Sustainable: that can continue or be continued for a long time ==>sustainable economic growth

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