Describe a person who helps to protect the environment – IELTS Band 8 Sample

IELTS Band 8 Sample Describe A Person Who Helps To Protect The Environment

Describe a person who helps to protect the environment

You should say:

Who is that person?

What does he do?

How does this person protect the environment?

and explain how you feel about this person?

Model Answer

I’m going to talk about my friend, Jessie, who is working as a freelance environmentalist. She has established an organisation dedicated to environmental causes, calling on people to reduce the use of plastic bags, and helping them find feasible alternatives.

She tells me that at home, she insists on not using plastic bags whenever possible. She managed to persuade her parents to bring fabric bags to the market when shopping for food. Also, she always separates different types of rubbish into categories like organic waste and recyclable waste.

Her website provides a great deal of information on how to live green and has attracted a large following. This is a platform where people can discuss and help each other find the best way to be environmentally friendly. Sometimes the content can cause controversy, but I think it’s necessary to raise awareness and attention to the cause.

By Le Minh IELTS Band 8.5

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