IELTS Writing Practice Test 18 & Band 8.0 Sample Answer

Ielts writing 2 - test 18 - By IELTSMATERIAL.COM
Ielts writing 2 - test 18 - By IELTSMATERIAL.COM


In some countries, using the internet in schools is getting more popular. In this a positive or negative development?


As national barriers are slowly being broken down through trade, integration, and technology, various organisations are being influenced by the internet. Nowadays, all academic institutions are connected. The answer to whether this is a beneficial or detrimental development is discussed in detail below.

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On the one hand, there is ample evidence to suggest that the benefits are increasing, especially in the academic sphere. When a school is connected, they have faster access to information. For example, in certain schools across the UK, matters such as absenteeism, disciplinary procedures and general communication are performed over the internet through email. Therefore it is clear that being connected to the world wide web entails positive implications.

On the other hand, being connected to the internet has grave dangers and could even lead to relying on it for everything. Undesirable facets of society get potential access to innocent children. Furthermore, getting into the habit of consulting ‘Google’ for answers may be argued as counting too much on technology. Therefore children will be more dependent on technology instead of developing knowledge in traditional ways.

In conclusion, though there are negative and positive aspects to it,  due to the wealth of information and the conveniences that have been gained so far, I am strongly of the opinion that internet connectivity in schools is a positive development.

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