IELTS Writing Practice Tets 10 From IELTS Practice Plus 03

IELTS Writing Practice Tets 10 From IELTS Practice Plus 03

IELTS Writing Task 2 Topic:

Many people assume that the goal of every country should be to produce more materials and goods. To what extent do you agree or disagree that constantly increasing production is an appropriate goal?


Identifying the essay type: Agree or disagree 
Structuring the essay:


refer to the statement


Paragraph 1: advantages of producing more materials and goods

[1] generates wealth for all strata of society

[2] more taxes to improve health and education

Paragraph 2: Disadvantages of producing more materials and goods

[1] produce a consumerist mentality

[2] damage the environment


Give your opinion about this issue


Many people make the assumption that the production of more and more goods is always a good thing for all economies. They say that this growth generates wealth, not just for the wealthy few but for all strata of society. They argue that increasing production brings immediate benefit to rich industrialists but that, in turn, they provide employment for, and buy goods and services from, other less wealthy people in the community. Also, it is argued that the wealthy individuals will pay more in taxes and thus the money from growth will benefit everyone, through improved health and education, and that a happier, more stable and more developed society will result.

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However, other people argue that such growth in production can have the opposite effect. They contend that any riches tend to be claimed by the few and trickle down to very few others in the community. Also, wealthy people know how to use a variety of devious measures to evade paying tax. Another argument against such growth is that even if this wealth does filter down to all citizens it does not, in itself, bring about a better society. Instead, it can produce a consumerist mentality which draws a simple equation between having ‘things’ and being happy. This is bad for the moral and spiritual life of the country and also can damage the environment as people want more and more objects, creating pollution through production and disposal of waste.

On balance, I feel that a compromise position is the healthiest one – some economic growth should be encouraged as long as there are safeguards intended to ensure fair distribution of wealth and reduce the negative impact on the environment.

(281 words)

Useful vocabulary

  • All strata of society
  • Rich industrialists
  • Opposite effect
  • A variety of devious measures
  • Evade paying tax
  • Produce a consumerist mentality
  • A simple equation
  • The moral and spiritual life
  • A compromise position
  • Fair distribution of wealth

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