IELTS Writing Recent Actual Test in September 2017 & Model Answers

IELTS Writing Recent Actual Test in September 2017 & Model Answers

Anybody can use a mobile phone to answer the work and personal calls at any time or 7 days a week. Does this development have more positive or negative effects on both individuals and society?


Rising ownership of mobile phones facilitates interaction for work and personal purposes regardless of time constraint. This revolution in communications exerts several benefits on both individuals and society, but I believe that these merits are overshadowed by its demerits.

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As argued, the possibility of answering work-related or personal calls at any time is of immense benefit. Firstly, this practice strengthens people-to-people bonds as it is more convenient and speedier to stay in touch irrespective of geographical barriers. For instance, international students can give their parents back home a call to ask after their health, which means the feeling of loneliness or homesickness is somewhat relieved, keeping them emotionally attached. Secondly, society can benefit from the diminished demand for public or private transport besides the work productivity achieved. Staff, for example, can communicate with their line manager or clients without frequent face-to-face meetings as everything can be accomplished with a brief telephone conversation. The roads then could be less congested and the traffic flow will be smooth.

I am of the opinion that the detrimental effects of the availability of mobile phone all the time overweigh its positive ones. The first repercussion is its undesirable ability to manipulate owners and deprive them of personal freedom and privacy. At night, their co-workers can happen to contact them for work-related discussions, hence, they are inevitably swept into the maelstrom of work. This development is also attributed to the loss of a sense of community. Rather than communicating face-to-face with peers at school or colleagues in the same office, they rivet their ears onto their phones and isolate themselves from the real life. For example, sitting together in a coffee shop, two friends may fail to talk to each other because they are all preoccupied with answering their own calls. The final consequence is that mobile phone usage can also result in the deterioration of our health. Cell phones have electromagnetic waves, which adversely affects our organs, resulting in fatal risks such as brain deficiency or decreased men’s reproductive health.

In conclusion, albeit advantageous to some extent, that people can make and receive calls every time makes them isolated and unhealthy. I strongly believe that those negative effects are more acute than the positive ones.

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