IELTS Writing Task 2: New Technologies have Changed the Way Children Spend their Free Time

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IELTS Writing Task 2: New Technologies have Changed the Way Children Spend their Free Time
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Posted on Nov 8, 2021

Throughout the last decade, the digital age has arise with every child spending most of their time watching videos or playing games. I believe, advanced technologies has a detrimental impact on children’s quality of time spent.
First of all, no one can deny the beneficial effects of technology and its progression over time and how it facilitated many processes. For instance, it enabled the children to receive additional online courses in times as the pandemic. Secondly, novel technology now provides evolution of some games that work on the IQ and mind-developing skills for children.
On the contrary, nowadays families hardly have the opportunity to spend time with their offspring because of the endless series of games which highlights a lack of family time ritual. Adding to this, studies has shown that in the last decade autism and other psychological issues cases have sharply increased with regard to the excessive use of technology rather than spending time with real people. Also, spending more time indoors will be likely to increase obesity rate amongst children due to the sedentary lifestyle and lack of physical activity.
In conclusion, modern technologies has benefits to some extent but many disadvantages. Children do not become enthusiastic with to spend time with their parents at the playground as they would be to receive a new iPad, for instance.


Gina Saavedra Mancipe

Posted on Oct 25, 2021

The whole world has been changing through the years as a consequence of multiples factors. Clearly, one of them is technology. Everyone is affected by this, especially children, who have found a new way to spent their free time. I agree with the fact that there are more disadvantages than advantages to this statement.

Studies have revealed that the young population is more vulnerable nowadays. They prefer to be at home playing online games or using social media on their phone instead of going out and meet their friends. So, the physical and mental conditions are affected. As a kid, it is essential to make a face to face friendships to develop social skills. In time, it helps them to build strong bases in their identity. Also, mental health can be more balanced and stable. Additionally, practising outdoor sports such a football or basketball improve physical condition, growing healthy youth. Severe sickness can be prevented, such as diabetes or obesity, by instilling training habits at early ages.

On the other hand, there are also several advantages. When parents know what kind of technology or content by the meticulous selection, technology can improve cognitive development. There are plenty of video games that require particular strategies to reach goals. The brain is stimulated through diversion, and the kids do not realize it. They can learn other languages, interact with other children on the other side of the world, mathematics or abstract reasoning. As a consequence, other diverse skills are introduced to their lives.
In conclusion, excessing the use of technology brings more disadvantages than advantages. Kids with excellent physical and mental health are more important than sick and antisocial but strategic creatures.


Janice Thompson

Posted on Oct 25, 2021

Overall band: 5.0

Grammar: Concentrate on tenses. You have used “spent” in place of “spend”.
Collocations: “growing healthy youth” is wrong usage.
Lexical Resource: The word “technology” has been used many times.

Maimuna Zaman

Posted on Aug 21, 2021

The development of new technologies has drastically changed the way children spend their free time. This fact has both advantages and disadvantages and in this essay, I will discuss both. In my opinion, I firmly believe the disadvantages outweigh the advantages and that is because the emergence of these new technologies have had bad effects on children’s health and turned them into lazy sloth bears.
To begin with, the arrival of this modern machinery has been beneficial for the little ones. Machines like computers, laptops, tablets, i-phones provide an open window for these little ones to grasp more knowledge and broaden their horizons. In their free time they can read articles, books apart from their academic guides on computers, laptops and learn about geography, astronomy and other things. With the advancement of science, they can socialise with kids from other countries and learn their cultures and languages.
On the contrary, the development of this modern automation had an immense amount of bad effects on kids’ lives. For instance, in their spare hours, they stay indoors playing video games instead of going out and participating in outdoor activities. As a result, young ones are falling prey to obesity and laziness at a very young age. According to some recent reports and studies in the US heart problems, obesity and other ailments have become common in teenagers now. To put it more simply, in the past teenagers used to be more active and their life expectancy rates used to be higher as they used to spend their spare hours playing outdoor games like football, cricket and many different sports.
To conclude, like the two sides of a coin there are both benefits and downfalls to the emergence of modern automation. As mentioned earlier in the essay, I hold the view that the disadvantages of this contemporary machinery outweigh the advantages as they have awful effects on children’s well-being.


Adithya Sridhar

Posted on Aug 18, 2021

Yes, I agree to the fact that the spare time of children are easily influenced by the modern technological advancements. However, these evolving technologies help them stay updated to the digital world, still it is a wolf under the skin of a sheep as its negative impacts outweigh the benefits.
On one hand, the digitalization of the world has demanded the parents and the society to make their kids indulge with techs which would help them survive in the modern world. The gaming sector has also started evolving targeting the younger generation with survival and strategy games that help in unlocking the logical and aptitude thinking in children. There are games and applications that are developed even for the newborns that would enhance their cerebral activity with multiple colors and patterns.
On the other hand, I would have to lend my voice to the fact that the digital era has totally disrupted the physical growth and activities of the children. Before the technical advancements, children would step out and play their favorite sport along with their real friends whatsoever the weather be. But the kids of these generation are deprived of the fun from outdoor and indoor games as they spend their leisure time in playing virtual games with virtual people who may be real or could be a bot. These have lead to medical and mental health problems like childhood obesity, retinal damage, syndromes.
In conclusion, even though the modern technology has improved the way and the pace in which a child learns and spend its free time, it also has its own adverse effects on the factors that are beyond our imagination.


Sunil Chaudhary

Posted on Jul 31, 2018

Nice blog. Thanks for sharing


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