OET Speaking Test – Subtest Pattern, Structure and Assessment Criteria

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OET Speaking Test – Subtest Pattern, Structure and Assessment Criteria

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the OET Speaking task all about?

Before seeking employment or admission as medical personnel in a foreign nation where English is spoken as one of the primary languages, you need to provide proof. This is where the OET comes into play. Being a healthcare professional, it becomes consequential to have mastery over your communication skills. Hence, OET Speaking is all about assessing you based on the tasks, i.e. role plays in a medical context and healthcare setting and testifies your command of the English language.

What is the total time for the OET Speaking task?

The entire OET Speaking task is around 20 minutes long and is based on a clinical context. You have to display your speaking proficiency in the two role-play allotted to you. You would be provided with a cue card for each role, where everything relevant to your role would be mentioned and you would have to act accordingly. Make sure that you wrap up the conversation regarding the role you would play in five minutes, or you would be signalled when five minutes are over for a particular role play.

Is there any preparatory time allotted?

Yes, there is a preparation time. After a quick introduction with the interlocutor as an ice-breaker and acclimatising yourself for the role-plays, you would be assigned a cue card and for which you would be given a time of 3 minutes to go through and understand the role well. You may take this time to structure and strategise where and how to include the pointers in your conversation.

What is the script that the interlocutor would be following? Do I have to prepare with him in these three minutes?

No, you don’t have to. The interlocutor would follow a standard script that most commonly one would follow if one is a part of a conversation relevant to medical context. Hence, you don’t have to worry about that part. The interlocutor is just there to ensure that you head on with a conversation and there is a conversation between two people, which is the whole essence of this task to evaluate your speaking skills.

Am I allowed to make notes of what I am going to say in the role-plays?

Yes, you may make notes of the pointers or the gist that you would follow to encapsulate the points given on the cue cards. For this, you may take that three minutes, which you would be getting to prepare yourself for the role-plays. Since that is a part of the preparation, you are free to make notes. You may use the cue card to write short notes of what you plan to say while you are in a role. However, ensure that your script does not exceed five minutes, as you would only be assessed for five minutes for each role.

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