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How many marks does the OET account for?

The OET is a set of four different tasks that aim at assessing your communication skills, including Listening, Reading, Writing and Speaking subtests. The total numeric scores accounted for each of these subtests are scaled at a range of 0-500. Please note that these are not the marks of the subtests but the numeric scores of the subtests that you are assigned upon the evaluation of your test booklets and the marks you scored in a specific subtest. These scores are reported in ten-point increments (e.g. 250, 260, 270 etc). These numeric scores correspond to the grades you get ranging from A to E

Do I get an aggregate score or a grade for all the subtests of the OET?

No, there is no such provision in the OET that provides you a aggregate grade or score regarding the marks you have got in the subtests of the OET, i.e., Reading, Writing, Speaking and Listening subtests. So, instead, you will be getting a grade (A to E) and numerical score (500-0) depending upon your performance in each of these subtests and these scores are individual/separate scores

How much should I score in the OET as a minimum benchmark?

The minimum scores of the OET that you should aim at for getting selected in a particular organization or an institution for a specific nation depend upon your intent entirely upon the criteria these organizations set. There is no specific minimum eligibility score or a cut-off score for the OET that you need to score in order to pass the examination and this shall be entirely up to the discretional eligibility criteria set by your preferred organization/institution.

When will I get my result for the OET?

For your OET results, you can access your results on the official website of OET. Generally, your results are generated after 16 (approximately) business days from when you appeared for a specific subtest. You can download the official copies of Statements of Results from your online profile. Moreover, you can choose the test administration from which you wish to download a Statement of Results, and the scores you obtained in that particular test administration shall be listed.

How long will my OET scores be valid?

It is the most common question that is registered among the OET aspirants, and understandably so. Well, there is no specific time frame or validity period determined by the OET authority, and hence there is no validity period as far as the OET administration is concerned. However, your organization/institution in which you are seeking admission or employment decides the validity period of the scores you got in the OET, which is mostly two years from the date of the announcement of result. Hence, it would be best to keep a tab on the minimum scores and validity period of the OET scores that your preferred organization has decided.

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