OET Reading Tips: Tips to Improve your OET Reading

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OET Reading Tips: Tips to Improve your OET Reading

Frequently Asked Questions

What things do I need to keep in mind while preparing for the OET Reading task?

You should practice reading various types of extracts and texts and not just keep yourself restricted to the test context. You may include multiple interest categories, such as science, fiction, current affairs, etc. To start, you might start with your favorite category of reading that would keep you interested and engaged. Further, start with the texts that focus on the intelligent general-interest reader. Current affairs websites and science and health articles or magazines may be considered. Elusive pieces could be daunting, hence, start with the short and crisp texts and practice more often. Try to understand the concept of the texts and the writer's ideas and try extracting the inference of the articles.

What are the tips for Reading part A of the OET?

This part comprises short texts and expects you to complete the questions asked for the short texts given in the test booklet using the skimming and scanning methods. It is also called an expeditious reading task. Examinees are not given any extra time to assess and double-check their answers and are advised to go through their answers while attempting Part A of the OET Reading task. Spelling mistakes, grammatical errors and abbreviations are not allowed. It is suggested that you should go through the questions first. This way, you will have an idea of which part of the text you should focus on and locate the points.

What are the tips for Reading part B of the OET?

Reading Part B of the OET requires you to answer the multiple-choice questions. This part is about finding the gist of the texts, so make sure that you go through all the options well and choose the aptest of all the options. You should refer to the context statement as soon as you go through the questions. The best tip is to go through the questions beforehand to know which point of information is essential to take note of

What are the tips for Reading part C of the OET?

Like the previous section, Part C of the OET Reading subtest also requires you to answer the multiple-choice questions. This part is a long-form text and comprises two texts for which you need to find the correct option out of all other options. This part needs you to understand the texts' opinions, ideas, and the context in detail. You should be able to deduce the inference out of the text and be able to have good discernment skills that come with practice.

How important are efficiency and speed for the OET Reading task?

It is imperative for you to be able to skim and scan the texts and infer the idea quickly. You should be able to provide correct answers keeping in mind the time slots. You need to check for spelling mistakes as it is not taken leniently in the Reading subtest for Part A. For Part B and C, you should be able to fill the lozenge appropriately and choose the best option out of all the choices given for the questions. Part B and C are marked by computer, and so you should fill the circle and follow the instructions.

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