OET Reading Test – Subtest Pattern and Structure

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OET Reading Test – Subtest Pattern and Structure

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the OET Reading task all about?

The OET Reading task aims at evaluating you based on your reading comprehension and how well you discern the essence of the text. You are required to answer the questions based on the given passages that are relevant to the medical context. The texts, however, are not necessarily derived from your specialization of the medical profession and are standard across all other clinical professions.

What is the total time for the OET Reading task?

The total time assigned for the OET Reading task is 60 minutes. This includes 15 minutes for Part A and 45 minutes for Part B and Part C together. For Part A, you are required to complete the notes based on four reading texts that you have to go through and write the answers in the space provided against each question. Part B and Part C are of multiple choice and you need to fill the lozenge against the option (out of four options) that you feel is the most appropriate answer.

Is there any extra time allotted to check my answers?

No, there is no provision of extra minutes for you to go through your responses. You have to go through the texts, read the questions and answer accordingly in the given time frame, i.e. 15 minutes which is devoted to Part A and 45 minutes for Part B and C. You have to be very careful while responding to the questions and try to respond aptly and vigilantly as it is very common to commit mistakes when you do not strategize your answering tactics well in advance.

Am I allowed to write abbreviations or misspelt words?

No, you won't be endowed with any clemence while writing the answers for Part A in the Reading task of the OET since Part B and C are MCQs. Evaluators are very specific about the correctness and conciseness of your answers. So, you should try to limit your answers as required and for this, stick to the extracts and the sentences used there. Moreover, for note completion, you just need to skim and scan through the texts and pick the sentence that pertains to the questions. Hence, no paraphrasing, abbreviations or misspelt words would be entertained.

How can I finish part A on time as it involves reading and writing too in just 15 minutes?

This question is not unfounded and is one of the most frequently registered questions. Part A could be aced only when you practice it enough. The texts are not lengthy, which is an advantage for you to make efficient use of. It is always suggested to go through the questions well in advance and then go through the texts. This way, you would be able to pick and choose necessary pieces of information that are asked in the questions and hence, would be able to finish it on time.

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