OET Training – Find the best OET Training in India for Health Care Professionals

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OET Training – Find the best OET Training in India for Health Care Professionals

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I appear for the OET as compared to other popular language assessment tests?

There are undoubtedly many alternatives, such as IELTS, PTE, and so on, to assess your language skills in English. However, the OET is specifically designed to evaluate your communication skills as a medical professional, unlike other standardised tests that aim to check your language dexterity in general. For instance, while the topics provided in the IELTS are mostly general in nature like memories, family, career, places, etc., all the topics in the OET subtest are related to more contexts relevant to your profession, which gives out a better idea of how effectively you can communicate in actual settings.

Why should I practice for the OET?

The OET consists of various tasks that evaluate your communication mastery and how well of a communicator you are so that it will not obstruct your medical practice or education in a foreign country with English as one of the primary languages. This consists of Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing subtests and you need to score a minimum standard score set by the organisation or institution you are seeking. Though the tasks are not that difficult, you may flunk the tests in the case of inadequate practice and hence, you should keep a tab on the latest patterns and update your level through the regular practice of mock tests.

What is the most challenging part of the OET?

Well, that depends upon your expertise in a particular section or sections of the OET. You may be very fluent and articulate with your oratory skills or have prolific writing skills, but it is not a similar situation for everyone. Some might vacillate while writing or while speaking. Hence, it is a subjective choice. However, as most of the aspirants say, the most difficult part of the OET they find challenging is the Writing section due to various criteria that one is judged on while writing a letter. That said, it is entirely up to you as to which area you have shortcomings and you should practice amply

Should I practice at home or should I enrol myself in a coaching centre for the OET?

Again, this would be a subjective choice depending upon how arduous you are in communication and all its forms as far as the OET subtests are concerned. If you think you would crack it without any guidance, you may do so. However, it is always advisable, especially for beginners, to enroll themselves in a proficient coaching centre with substantial experience in training and mentoring the OET aspirants because the experience of a seasoned mentor is insuperable and the atmosphere of a coaching institute is conducive to learning

Is OET online coaching better than offline coaching?

What works best for you is what is better. It depends upon your convenience, propensity to learn better and where you can grasp your lessons well. However, owing to the latest trend, people are going for online classes more than the traditional offline ones and this is understandable. You get to save a lot of time in online classes and the comfort of being at home and efficiently preparing for your exam without going through the hassles of conveyance and getting ready for the offline coaching centre. Hence, online classes are unequivocally more comfortable and chosen alternative. However, you should determine what is comfortable for you.

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