Recent IELTS Speaking Exam in Australia – May 2018 & Model Answers

In this series, there are few topics that can be used to practice for the IELTS speaking test. In the end, there is also a model question and answer through which you will get an idea of how the Speaking test is taken.

IELTS Speaking Part 1 

  • What is your name?
  • Can I see your ID?
  • Where are you from?
  • Do you work or study?


  • What kind of training can be given to hotel staff to help develop tourism?
  • What should countries do to attract tourists?
  • Do you know any incidence when tourists are willing to learn about the culture of different countries?

Phone Apps 

  • Do you use any phone apps?
  • What apps do you often use?
  • Do you want to develop an app by yourself?
  • What kinds of apps do you expect in the future?

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IELTS Speaking Part 2

Talk about your favorite song from your country.
You should say:

  • What the song or music is
  • What kind of song or music is it
  • Where you first heard it
  • And explain why you like it

Model Answer 1

I have always been a huge fan of music. I love listening to music because good music helps me recharge my battery and energy as well as uplift my spirit after a long day overloaded with work and study. I listen to many different kinds of music from Rock to Jazz, depending on where I am, who I am with and how I feel at the time. Today I’m going to tell you about one of my favorite songs titled ‘Hello’.

The genre is pop, as characterized by its upbeat music and simple, down-to-earth lyrics. It’s actually a single that just went platinum this week. The song is incredibly popular at the moment, I mean, it’s the talk of the town. It’s been topping the charts for weeks and has got millions of streams on music sites.

The person who performs the song is Adele, an internationally acclaimed artist, hailing from the UK. She’s made a killing with her albums, but she’s maintained a somewhat low-profile lifestyle. I am a huge fan of her. I have an impressive collection of her records that I really treasure. Maybe I would have the fortune to attend one of her concerts.

I first listened to the song last week. It was when I was in the middle of the finals. I was up to the ears in revision and it was incredibly nerve-racking time, so I needed something to let my hair down. That’s when I went to YouTube to watch some music videos. The minute I heard Adele’s voice, I was hooked and totally blown away. I’ve put the song on repeat ever since.

I am keen on the song for a number of reasons. First, it was her voice that struck me, which is incredibly soothing, and has a nice warm quality to it. The lyrics are also dope. It talks about emotions after two people part ways in a relationship and I can definitely relate to that.

  • A huge/big fan of (phrase) really like someone
  • Uplift one’s spirit (phrase) fill with high spirits; fill with optimism
  • Overload with (phrase) to put too many people or things in or on something
  • Down-to-earth (adj) practical
  • Go platinum (phrase) to sell 1 million copies of an album
  • The talk of the town (idiom) if something is the talk of a place, people there talk a lot about it
  • Acclaim (verb) praise
  • Make a killing (phrase) to have great success, especially in making money
  • Low-profile (adj) deliberately not attracting public attention
  • In the middle of (doing) something (phrase) busy doing something
  • Up to the ears/neck/eyes in (idiom) involved in a difficult situation, or with more work to do than you can deal with
  • Nerve-racking (adj) making you very nervous or worried
  • Let one’s hair down (idiom) to relax and enjoy yourself because you are in a comfortable environment
  • Hooked (adj) if you are hooked on something, you find it so attractive or interesting that you want to do it as much as possible
  • Blow away (phrasal verb) impressive greatly
  • Dope (adj) very good
  • Part ways (phrase) end a relationship

Model Answer 2

Honestly speaking, for the most part, I would probably say that I have a great passion for listening to music and indeed I have listened like thousands of songs so far. However, if I have to pick out a song that I like the most, I would probably choose the song Million Years Ago by Adele.

By gorgeous lyrics and melody, it’s like a piece of cake for Adele to make me addicted to this song. A significant feature that I should mention is the song’s meaningful content. It is a regretful calling inside an adult who has born his soul on the way of growing up and earning his stripesEvery now and then I feel he is so desperate that he could do anything to escape the cycle of his life but after all he can’t afford to do so.

The reason why I am so fond of this song has something to do with the fact that it provokes so many beautiful memories from my childhood. Although this song is a sad song, it opens my eyes to many things in life, one of them is that you should not take anything for granted, even the simplest one, try to live to your fullest so that one day you would not have to regret that much about the journey that you have been through.

Fairly speaking, Million Years Ago is a really good song for self – reflecting especially when you find yourself lost in the super-busy world nowadays.

  • Passion (n): strong and intense emotion, love
  • Pick out (phrasal verb): to choose
  • Piece of cake (idiom): something very easy
  • Be addicted to something (expression): be devoted to a particular activity or thing
  • Calling (n): a strong urge to a particular way of life
  • Earn someone’s stripes (idiom): Do something to show you deserve a particular rank or position
  • Every now and then (expression): occasionally, from time to time
  • Provoke (v): stimulate or give rise to something
  • Open one’s eyes to Something (idiom): make someone understand something
  • Take something for granted (idiom): fail to properly appreciate ST
  • Reflect (v): think deeply and carefully about something.

IELTS Speaking Part 3

  • Talk about traditional music in your country
  • On what occasions do people in your country listen to traditional music?
  • Where do children and adults learn about traditional music?
  • What kind of music do people prefer to listen to in your country?

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