Describe an occasion you borrowed something from somebody

Describe an occasion you borrowed something from somebody

  • What was it
  • When did you borrow
  • Whom you borrowed it from
  • What you did with it
  • Why you borrowed it

Model answer

Last year I applied for a master’s degree because I wanted to further my education. I was accepted by one of the very prestigious universities, but didn’t have the money for the course.

The tuition was quite expensive and there was no installment plan available, so I had to pay it in one go. So I had no choice but to borrow some from my parents and promised to pay back this year.

As a result, I’ve been working pretty hard and have almost made enough money to repay the debt. Studying and working part-time at the same time isn’t easy, but I think that life is only meaningful if you always try to achieve a goal or overcome some difficulty.

I don’t think borrowing money is something bad either, as long as you keep your promise.


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