IELTS Band 8 Sample: An occasion a home appliance broke down

Describe an occasion you when a home appliance broke down or stop working

You should say:

what the equipment was;

how it was broken;

how this affected your life;

and explain how you handled the situation.


Model Answer

I’m going to talk about one time when my washing machine stopped working. It was a few months ago. So, the machine had been working very well for almost 10 years; that was the first time that there was any problem with it.

Normally I just put my clothes in, pour some washing liquid and fabric softener, turn the machine on and leave it there for two hours. But this time when I came back to take the clothes out, I realized that they were still dry, unwashed.

I immediately called the company, and they sent a mechanic over in an hour. After examining the machine, he concluded that there wasn’t really any big problem; it was just that the filter bag was full of small rubbish like toothpicks and fabric accumulated over the years.

He patiently showed me how to take the bag out, wash it, then put it back in. The washing machine worked again perfectly. I gave him a five-star rating for this.

By Le Minh IELTS Band  8.5

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