Describe an interesting part in your country – IELTS Band 8 Sample

IELTS Band 8 Sample Describe An Interesting Part In Your Country

Describe an interesting part of your country

You must say:

Where it is

How you got to know about it

What is it famous for?

Explain why you think it is interesting

Model Answer

I’m going to talk about ABC, a mountainous town that is very well-known in my country. It takes about six to seven hours by train to get to ABC from my city. You can also go by bus which would take a bit longer.

ABC is a popular tourist destination because of its climate; the weather is always cool there due to the high altitude. People from across Vietnam come here to escape summer heat or enjoy the sight of snow in winter.

This small town is also famous for the ethnic minority people that live here. You can often see these people go around the town selling products and services to foreigners.

If you feel adventurous, you can go on a 2-day trip to get to the highest summit in my country – known as XYZ. This requires a certain level of fitness, and even if you have prepared yourself, you would still need to hire porters to carry basic supplies along the way. Standing on the mountain top overlooking the whole region is an experience not to be missed!

By Le Minh IELTS Band 8.5

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