IELTS Reading Recent Actual Tests Vol 6 (Ebook)

ielts reading recent actual tests vol 6
ielts reading recent actual tests vol 6

IELTS Reading Actual Test Vol 6 is a must-have IELTS book for all IELTS learners in 2019. It includes 6 authentic IELTS reading tests from IDP and British Council from 2016 to 2018.


Test 1

The Concept of Childhood in Western Countries  
Bestcom – Considerate Computing 
Can Hurricanes be Moderated or Diverted?  

Test 2

The Innovation of Grocery Stores  
The Study of Chimpanzee Culture  
Quantitative Research in Education  

Test 3

Timekeeper: Invention of Marine Chronometer 
The Evolutionary Mystery: Crocodile Survives  
Company Innovation  

Test 4

Education Philosophy  
How deserts are formed  
The Olympic Torch  

Test 5

The Pearl 
The History of Automobile  
Elephant Communication  

Test 6

History of Refrigeration 
Ancient People in Sahara  
Texting the Television  


Sample Unit



Download IELTS Reading Recent Actual Tests Vol 6

IELTS Reading Actual Tests Vol 6 


I hope you found IELTS Reading Recent Actual Tests useful. You can also download IELTS Reading Actual Test Volume 1IELTS Reading Recent Actual Tests Volume 2Volume 3, Volume 4, Volume 5, to practice at home before sitting the IELTS test.

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