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IELTS Writing Task 2

In some countries, children are becoming overweight and unhealthy. Some people think that it is the responsibility of governments to solve the problem. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

Sample Answer

Increasing numbers of health issues are prevalent in young children in recent times. It is believed by some people that governments are liable to resolve this issue. I agree with this belief to some extent as in my opinion, this situation is the responsibility of both the government, the society and individuals.

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As the government is responsible for maintaining and improving the economic growth of its country, it must ensure steps in managing and enhancing the health of its youth. Unhealthy children would mean an unhealthy future generation of a nation, which would result in a slowdown of the economy as a whole. For example, an adult suffering from diabetes at an early age would not be able to consistently work efficiently as he would constantly suffer from lethargy and mental weakness.

However, health management targeting children is also the duty of society and its individuals. Health issues among children would get worse with age and might result in other severe diseases such as heart disorders and high blood pressure. These ailments might then be passed through generations and create a pool of unhealthy individuals in the community. As a result, parents as well as other adults need to instill the importance of lifestyle and health management among young children in order to equip them with long-term health consciousness. For instance, a family that follows a healthy routine and fitness regime would cultivate these good habits in their offspring and other kids, and prevent these young children succumbing to health problems.

In conclusion, I agree to some extent that governments are responsible for solving the problem of unhealthy and overweight children. But, society and its individuals also play a critical role in overcoming this situation.

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