IELTS Writing Actual Test In April, 2016 & Band 9 Sample

IELTS Writing Actual Test In April, 2016 & Band 9 Sample

IELTS Writing Task 2 Topic:

In the future, it seems it will be more difficult to live on the Earth. Some people think more money should be spent on researching other planets to live, such as Mars. To what extent do you agree or disagree with this statement?

Band 9 Model Answer:

It is true that, if present trends continue, it will become increasingly difficult to sustain human life on Earth.  While I agree that it is vital to tackle this problem, I believe that expenditure on research for new planets to colonise should be given a low priority, and resources must be used to find other, more practical solutions.

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There are two major reasons why life on Earth is becoming more and more unsustainable.  One obvious problem is the uncontrolled consumption of natural resources, which are being depleted as a result.  For instance, the extraction of fossil fuels, such as coal, gas and oil, to satisfy growing energy demands has serious environmental impacts, and these resources will eventually run out.  Another concern is the rising level of pollution worldwide, of the land, the oceans and the air that we breathe.  In Vietnam, for example, thousands of tonnes of industrial rubbish have been released illegally into rivers, killing aquatic life and contaminating drinking water.

However, I would argue that the search for a new planet on which humans could survive is a waste of valuable resources.  Firstly, a vast amount of funding would be required to finance such space exploration, with no guarantee of success.  This money is needed now to improve health services globally and to provide a better education for all.  Secondly, financial resources should be used to develop advanced technologies that would be more environmentally-friendly and provide renewable energy.  In the field of transport, to take a simple example, vehicles can now be converted to run on hydrogen or even waste cooking oil – as McDonald’s have done with their trucks.

In conclusion, I consider that the search for new planets on which to settle is a waste of time and resources, and efforts should be concentrated on living more sustainably here on Earth.

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A low priority
Run out
Aquatic life
Environmentally friendly
Renewable energy

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