Academic IELTS Writing Task 2 Topic: Language & Band 8.5 Sample Essay

IELTS Writing Task 2

The spread of an ‘global language’ such as English will threaten national languages. To what extent do you agree or disagree with this opinion? (IELTS Writing Actual Test in 2014)


Type: argumentative essay (opinion)

Field: language


  • Showing writer’s view( agree or disagree)
  • Clarifying the advantages & disadvantages of an international language
  • Admitting the opposing idea, showing its flaw & strengthening your view
  • Giving persuasive supporting ideas & relevant examples






Young generation forget their own country’s language

Disappearance of languages because of governments’ non-action

Less of language affects culture & economy adversely

Huge profit thanks to tourism industry with the support of international language e.g Singapore

Extention of market, study of good exotic cultural aspects

Promotion of country’s culture via internet & media.


Sample Essay

English is gaining its popularity in the modern world. Some people believe this trend is the possible extinction of national language of each country while others view it as acceptable and even this may result in positive development of that country many fields. I partly agree with the latter view for the following reasons.

It is first argued that with the prevalence of one language, for instance, English, the national one is seriously put in danger. No sooner do young generational grow up and become exposed to the global language too early than they might make little effort to learn their own country’s language. This might be true when it comes to the fact that government of these nations lift no hand to encourage the survival of their own languages. It is undeniable that according to monthly social surveys, about three to four languages across the world are dying out, due to the increasingly small size of native speakers. In case that authorities are ready to pour a huge amount of money into linguistic programs say, training and insisting on indigenous textbooks, the language of that country is sure to survive well.

Opponents even go so far to claim that the loss of a language is just a tip of the iceberg. Not only does that nation forget its own language, but its culture and economic situations are at stake as well. Is it true in any circumstance? Facts have shown that countries, like Singapore, by adopting the international language, have generated a huge amount of profit through tourism industry. More visitors world wide swarm to this nation, as a result of finding less difficulty in their communication with local people and being attracted to these people’s high adaptability and hospitality. Admittedly, only by studying the king language, English, as people label, do people in the third world enjoy a significant economic growth when having chance to extend the market and learning good cultural aspects of giant and developed countries, like America and Britain. At the same time, through this global language, each country can promote its culture easily through the internet and other means of media. Some of us may find ourselves falling in love with cultures of other nations, accidentally through our discovery of their people, way of thinking and living after surfing information in such a common language.

All things considered, provided that the language of each nation receives more attention from the government, and positive aspects of an international language as absorbed, the native language is alive, along with the contribution of the global ones, so as to enrich that country itself, economically and culturally.

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