Green Virtues of Green Sand Reading Answers

The Academic passage ‘Green Virtues of Green Sand’ is a reading passage that appeared in an IELTS Test. Read the passage below and answer questions 1-14. Beyond the questions, you will find the answers along with the location of the answers in the passage and the keywords that help you find out the answers.

Green Virtues of Green Sand

Green Virtues of Green Sand 1

Green Virtues of Green Sand 2

Green Virtues of Green Sand 3

Green Virtues of Green Sand 4

Green Virtues of Green Sand 5


The answers to these questions are given below with their explanations.

Question Number Answer Keywords Location of Keywords
1 D intends to build five or six factories, cities, large quantities of bottles, cut down, transport costs. Paragraph D; last two lines
2 E only problem, foresee, possible contamination, glass, sources other than beverage bottles. Paragraph E; last two lines
3 G already in use, central America, filter water, banana plantations, fruit, washed before, dispatched, European markets Paragraph G; lines 1-3
4 B green glass, worth only $25 a tonne. Clear glass, melted down, for whisky bottles, export, worth double that amount. Paragraph B; last 2 lines
5 D Current estimates, UK market, filtering drinking water, sewage, industrial water, swimming pools, fish farming, 175.000 to 217.000 tonnes a year Paragraph D; lines 2-4
6 F Basically, sand is made of glass and Mr Dryden is turning bottles back into sand Paragraph F; lines 3-4
7 A Backed by $1.6m, European Union, Department for Environment Paragraph A; lines 4-5
8 C He concedes, given, recycled glass, ‘fancy name’, remove, stigma of what most people would regard as an inferior product Paragraph C; lines 3-4
9 G here the fruit has to be washed before being dispatched to European markets, legally necessary, European Union, tighter regulations, sewage works Paragraph G; lines 2-5
10 E Once, providing, ‘regular’ product, drinking water inspectorate, perform tests, approve it, widespread use, water companies Paragraph E; lines 2-4
11 Natural resource The idea, not only, avoid using up, scarce natural resource Paragraph B;; line 1
12 Recycling industry solve a crisis, recycling industry Paragraph B; line 2
13 Drinkable liquids/beverages already contained drinkable liquids, sure, water, filtered, not contaminated Paragraph C; line 5
14 (real) sand fewer impurities, real sand, performed better, trials Paragraph C; lines 6-7

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