IELTS Academic Writing Task 1 (Table) & Band 9 Model Sample

IELTS Academic Writing Task 1 (Table) & Band 9 Model Sample

IELTS Writing Task 1 question:

Summarise the information by selecting and reporting the main features, and make comparisons where relevant.

Write at least 150 words

IELTS Academic Writing Task 1 (Table) & Band 9 Model Sample

Task 1 plan:

  • Introduction: paraphrase task heading
  • summary paragraph – 2 major features
    • oil production generally increased
    • highest production in Saudi Arabia, lowest in Qatar
  • describe figures for Saudi Arabia and contrast with Qatar
  • compare the figures for the other 4 countries.

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Model sample:

The bar chart illustrates the estimated amount of oil produced in 6 countries between 1990 and 2010, measured in millions of barrels per day.

Overall, oil production capacity tended to increase during this 20-year period. The figures for Saudi Arabia were significantly higher than in the other countries, while production was lowest in Qatar.

From 1990 to 2010, there was a significant increase in oil production in Saudi Arabia. In 1990, just over 8 million barrels per day were produced and this rose steadily, reaching a peak of over 14 million barrels per day in 2010. In contrast, the smallest producer was Qatar. Despite a slight increase in 2000, production in Qatar remained relatively stable at less than 1 million barrels per day.

The other countries saw a slight rise in oil production over the period. The estimated figure for Iran in 1990 was over 3 million barrels per day, compared with around 2 million barrels in the other three countries. Although production did not increase in 2000 in the UAE, the amount of oil produced peaked in 2010 in Iran at over 4 million barrels and at almost 4 million barrels in Iraq, Kuwait and the UAE.

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