IELTS General Training Preparation

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IELTS General Training Preparation

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the minimum time required for IELTS preparation?

The minimum time required for IELTS preparation is 4 months. Although it might take 6 months for some test-takers, there's no official rule about the minimum time an aspirant must give themselves for IELTS preparation. As a result, the amount of time required for preparation is solely determined by the exam taker's level of skills and knowledge

What is the strategy for managing time during the IELTS General Reading test?

The most successful strategy to manage time during the IELTS General Reading test is to read questions followed by reading the passages, focusing on keywords, finding answers, and ensuring that the answer matches or is relevant to the question

What are the golden rules to follow while preparing for the General Reading test?

A test taker can plan their study schedule, practise a variety of General Reading tests, improve their vocabulary and comprehension skills, and time oneself throughout IELTS practice tests.

How to tackle difficulties in IELTS General Reading?

The IELTS General Reading test is meticulously designed and tested to ensure that all test versions have the same difficulty level. A test-taker must skim & scan, focus on time, check the spelling of the answer and order of the questions, underline the texts to discover keywords and unfamiliar terms, and most importantly, not leave any blank spots in order to overcome obstacles in the IELTS General Reading test.

What skills will be tested in IELTS General Reading?

The IELTS Reading section will assess a variety of abilities, including the ability to complete a diagram, table, or summary, distinguish between main ideas and supporting details, locate specific information, identify the writer's point of view, follow key arguments, and determine the writer's purpose. It is also a vocabulary test because most of the answers will be synonyms or paraphrases of the question.

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