IELTS Speaking Part 3 Sample – Topic: Events/ Celebration

IELTS Speaking Part 3 Sample Topic Events Celebration

Part 3 – Topic: Events/ Celebration 

How people celebrate public events?

I would say a gathering with food, alcohol, friends, and family  is the most common way to celebrate an event across the world. More specifically, for events such as New Years, people like to crowd a central area, such as a main square, usually for a concert or some sort of speaker or count down. Furthermore, people tend to like using fireworks, bells, airhorns or even just shouting when they feel excited about something.

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Do you think it is important to celebrate events?

I have mixed feelings about this. On one hand, I think it’s nice to celebrate events to have something to look forward to (feel excited for) throughout the year, but I dislike the pressure aspect of special events. For example, people tend to get so stressed about buying gifts and decorating their homes during the Christmas season that they forget to simply enjoy their time with family and friends. However, when I think about it, I couldn’t imagine a life without celebrating special events.

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Should the event be prepared in advance?

I would say so. When we procrastinate (wait to do something until the last minute), it tends to cause things to get pretty hectic (crazy) at the last minute. However, when we plan too far in advance, it may not go as planned, as things tend to change. For example, maybe an unexpected event arises which causes the plan to change. On the other hand, I don’t think we should plan every detail in advance, as I’ve found that sometimes the spontaneous (unplanned) moments are the most enjoyable. So, all in all it’s about balance. I’d like to have a rough plan (an idea but not a strict plan) of the event   in advance, but not overly detailed nor several months in advance.

How can you prepare an activity?

Well, firstly, I would like to know the approximate number of guests and their ages. Secondly, I would like to brainstorm (think of ideas) some different ideas of things that would be appealing to the audience. After this, I would find an appropriate place to hold the event, such as a home, a rented venue, outdoor area, etc and start to think about the type of food and refreshments would be appealing (tasteful) for this event. After this, I would start to officially send out invitations via mail or email  and see how many RSVP (respond to event). Upon obtaining the official numbers, I would either make the food and buy the drinks or hire a catering company to take care of the party. As the event approaches, I would double-check with the guests to see how many are coming. I’d say this plan would lead to a successful event.


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