IELTS Writing Task 2 Discursive Essay of Band 8.5 – Topic: People & Community

[] IELTS Writing Task 2 Discursive Essay of Band 8.5
[] IELTS Writing Task 2 Discursive Essay of Band 8.5

IELTS Writing Task 2 Topic:

Some people prefer to directly help or support people who need it in the local community, however, others prefer to give money to the national or international charities. Discuss both views and give your own opinion.

Band 8.5 Model Essay 
Today poverty is still on full display anywhere in the world, even from the sparkling and vibrant streets of Los Angeles, or to the less glamorous district of Mumbai city. In the fight against poverty, help is at hand. However, a bone of contention remains whether people should directly support the underprivileged or give their donations to charities. This essay will look at this issue from both perspectives.

There are clearly justifications for why some funders would rather help the poor by themselves. First of all, help is given instantly as there is no paperwork, no collection, no delivery involved. It would also mean that no money is lost into the pockets of corrupt government officials. Second of all, it has been found that a considerable number of recipients of aid programs spend money on children’s education or healthcare, rather than alcohol or cigarettes. Therefore, development can be easily promoted. 

However, the idea of giving cash directly to the poor is also treated with skepticism by many people who otherwise suggest that money or any other type of donation should be given to charity organisations. Their main argument is that for the people whose lives have always been devoid of material possessions or money, knowing how to manage the financial aids is out of the question. There are many cases that poor people use the money to start businesses; however, bankruptcy is imminent due to their lack of knowledge regarding financial management. For this reason, charities, which can distribute the funds in a more effective way, prove their prominent roles in improving living standards of the impoverished. 

To conclude, I am inclined to think that giving money to charities is a better way to end poverty as it deals with deeper causes of the issue in the long run.

Useful expressions:

Poverty is still on full display: Poverty happens everywhere.

The sparkling and vibrant streets of Los Angeles: dynamic Los Angeles

A bone of contention: something that causes dispute.

To be treated with skepticism: to be viewed with suspect.

To be devoid of material possessions: have little material belongings.

Recipient (n.) the person who receives.

Their lack of knowledge regarding financial management: they do not have enough knowledge about managing their money.

Bankruptcy is imminent: is highly probable

In the long run: in the long term.

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