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It is better for college students to live in schools than live at home with their parents. Do you agree or disagree?

Sample Answer

Many students are faced with the dilemma of whether to live in a university dormitory or at home with their parents. From my perspective, a dormitory is evidently the better option for most students.

Firstly, there is a common belief that living with their parents is better for students’ personal development. Many people argue that students living at home may fully concentrate on their academic studies because their parents are likely to support them in various ways, such as by doing household tasks. However, I believe some students may become over-reliant on their parents as a result, and thus do not develop the ability to live independently in the future. By contrast, students who live in dormitories must assume responsibility in all aspects of life. Therefore, they may acquire the skills necessary for self-reliance, ranging from financial management and problem-solving to meal planning and home management, all of which are essential to foster the all-round personal development of this group of students.

In addition, there are several distinct advantages of choosing on-campus residences. The most evident advantage is that students who choose this type of accommodation would have easy access to libraries and various learning resources that are readily available at university. Another clear benefit is that those living in student accommodation are exposed to a diverse environment with people from various social and cultural backgrounds. As a result, students are better prepared to live in today’s multi-cultural world.

From the issues outlined above, one can conclude that living on a university campus is a better choice for students than living at home with their parents. I predict that the number of students choosing to live in university accommodation will remain high in the future.

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