Reading Practice Test 04 – Solution

Reading Practice Test 04 - Solution


  1. Answer: vi, The answer is in paragraph 3. The answer is not v, because there is no mention of when the HMI was created.
  2. Answer: The answer is in the fourth paragraph, Note that vii is not possible, because the passage says the report was seminal, i.e. important/influential.
  3. Answer: The answer is In paragraph 4.
  4. Answer: endangering their Job. The answer Is In the first paragraph. The sentence is a paraphrase of the first sentence of the text.
  5. Answer: [mainly] liberal. The answer is at the beginning of the last sentence of the first paragraph.
  6. Answer: widen/widening participation. The answer is In the second paragraph. Note that the gerund can be changed to the infinitive.
  7. Answer: academic staff’s explanation*. The answer is in the second sentence of the third paragraph.
  8. Answer: reduction of taxes/tax reduction. The answer is in the first sentence of the fourth paragraph, The verb phrase in the passage needs to be changed Into a noun phrase to fit the sentence given.

  1. Answer: The answer is in the fourth paragraph. A is incorrect, as this was not what the report did. B is not right, as the report did not give the money, and D is incomplete.
  2. Answer: C. The answer Is In paragraph 4, A is not right, because the money is not given to the student (it Is given to the college for the student). B is Incorrect, because it was the further education that became quasi-independent, not the principles, and D is not possible, as the text docs not say this.
  3. Answer: A. The answer can be found in the first sentence of the fifth paragraph. The phrase to reduce the student drop-out rate is a paraphrase of to improve retention. It is Important to look out for ways In which sections of the text arc paraphrased In the various types of questions. B, C and D are incorrect, because all three contain phrases lifted from the text, but used here in the wrong context.
  4. Answer: A. The answer can be found in the second sentence of the fifth paragraph. Note that the sentence gives three complexities, which hinder the reducing of drop­out rates. B is not mentioned in the text, nor Is C. The first element of D Is correct, but the second one is nonsensical,
  5. Answer: D. The answer is in the second half of the fifth paragraph. The last sentence gives the answer, i.e. something other than data. A and B arc not stated, and C Is incomplete.
  6. Answer: B. The answer is In the final paragraph, and is a summary of the examples given. A is a phrase lifted from the text and Is part of two ideas – note the comma in the text. C is incorrect, because the passage refers to raising the students’ expecta­tions, not those of the college. D is not correct, because Martinez outlined the strate­gies, so Martinez’s summary included the strategies, and not the other way round.

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