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Academic IELTS Writing Task 2 Topic 09
Academic IELTS Writing Task 2 Topic 09

Academic IELTS Writing Task 2 Topic 09

You should spend about 40 minutes on this task.

Write about the following topic:

Many people say that the only way to guarantee a good job is to complete a course of university education. Others claim that it is better to start work after school and gain experience in the world of work.

How far do you agree or disagree with the above views?

Give reason for your answer and include any relevant examples from your own knowledge or experience.

Write at least 250 words.

Model Essay 01 :

The education is the backbone of a country’s future, while a good job is the key factor for a better life. This topic is of particular importance because it affects everyone’s life. This essay will discuss whether the pupils should complete their higher education or to start work after school.

On the one hand, university education is mandatory to get some type of jobs. By this I mean that, people who choose to become a doctor, pharmacist, engineer, pilot etc. are required to complete their degrees before they can be able to get a job, because this type of jobs need specialized knowledge before starting the career. For illustrations, General Medical Counsel in the UK accepts only doctors who completed their degree and passed some predefined exams to start career as a doctor. In this instance, obviously, it would be better to complete the required university level degree first.

On the other hand, there are some benefits if students start working early. For example, a fashion designer could start working as soon as s/he finishes school because those types of jobs require more experience than study. Moreover, working at early ages might help students to be more independent and responsible in their life, through learning how to control their spending, how to enhance their knowledge and skill.
To conclude, there are some types of jobs that require a university degree. Nevertheless, starting work after school has a good side as well. It depends on the type of jobs which students prefer and are likely to have in the future. Perhaps, university degree and work experience are both important and they each other complete the criteria to get a respectable job.
(280 WORDS )[ by – Mariza Ichiy ]

Model Essay 02 :

At recent years, there is an ongoing debate whether by completing further study in university or by joining the workload directly will lead someone to be employed in a good job. I personally believe that continuing higher study in a course at university will alleviate the opportunity to get involved in labour market.

The light competitiveness in work field, in some ways, increases the need of qualified workers. Moved by this trigger, universities commit to develop the quality of the students by improving the specialisations and by extending the variety of courses. Taken as an example, business courses have been expanding the field of study in outrageously types such as public health business which provides the participants to focus on hospital management, pharmacy business, etc. or social based entrepreneur which develops the candidates to build their social-based businesses by small amount of money.

On the other hand, undeniably, students in university seem to be lack of practical experiences in working environment. Being an employee means more of responsibilities, job deadlines, etc. and there are several consequences if they show bad performances. To solve this case, internship programmes and core soft skill trainings can be effective ways out. University faces challenges to keep improving the curricula in order to prepare the students with work experiences by entering the upmost graduate students with 3 months working programmes in thrived companies as well as with several working skills training such as leadership training.

To sum up, in spite of the growth of demand for universities’ graduates in good offer jobs, it is inevitable that they have more positive sides to fit them in such enormous opportunities.

(273 Words) [ Written by – Angga ]

Model Essay 03 :

Nowadays, many people believe that education in university level is the only way to get a good job. In contrast, some people think that working after high school is better since they can obtain experience in work environment. I will outline both issues with reasons and examples.

Talking about good job, it is not easy to achieve. We have to prepare ourselves both in terms of education and skill because they need to cooperate to make a good capability in ourselves, which we know as a prior thing that employers seek in the employees. For example, in the case of job interview, employer commonly ask about our last education whether it is appropriate with job position or not. They believe that higher education provides people not only in knowledge term but also their maturity.
Furthermore, through university education, we are not only given subsequences of theories but also practices. So, before we go to the work field, we already know how to adapt with our expected job based on our background education.

It is true that we need experience to do better in our job, but it cannot be denied that education is more important than it. Take a teacher’s career as an example. By teaching earlier, you may have more experience than the new one who just graduated from university. But graduated university students can teach their students with better theories or concept from each material with good methods.

To sum up, I must say that we need higher education to gain more information from the experts about our special field, therefore we can do our best to show our capability in front of employer to emphasize them that we deserve that job. So, I tend to disagree that work after school is better than to continue our study at university.

(302 Words) [ Written by – Tuty Starlet ]

Model Essay 04 :

In recent days, there are some people prefer to work directly after graduating from the secondary school instead of pursuing higher level education. They assert that they will obtain some experiences in the workplace, and it develops them to be an independent person. However, I personally disagree about this point because people need university education to gain bright future career. This essay will look into the reasons.

To survive in the globalization era, people need to have higher education. People who enter university education will be more ready to face the world competition. The university education tries to provide skills which are needed by some occupations. It is also supported by widen knowledge that are obtained by students. They will more understand their study theoretically and practically. For instance, university tends to provide a variety of study fields which pose a great help for people to master their study. Moreover, they will be taught and guided by professional lecturer even some professors who expert in that study. Therefore, it will be full of useful for students.

In addition, university education is the main requirement to gain a better job. It is proved by some companies which prefer to recruit those people who have academic certificate of bachelor degree instead of secondary level. It is caused by the employers believe that university education already provides professional people. It is supported by the longer time of study thus the people are ready to involve in the workplace.

It is true that it enables people to earn money and learn from their experiences for those who prefer to work directly. However, they are lack of theoretical knowledge and cannot gain a luxury job as same as the higher level students. There will have more opportunities for those graduating from university rather than that from secondary.

To sum up, people should consider that university level education is able to develop the students as an expert person in the study and it can reduce the problems will be faced in the workplace.

(337 Words) [ Written by – Sri Hastuti  ]

Model Essay 05 :

The ultimate aim for some people continuing their study to university is to get an appropriate job after being a scholar. However, other people believe that it is better to start working after they graduate from senior high school in order to gain experience in the field of work. These views have become an inevitable issue in recent years. Through this essay, I want to argue that we are going to be more acceptable in a job market after completing the study in university.

In general, there are two main reasons why I believe that a scholar can get a job easily. The first reason is that the university has provided various kinds of lecture as well as use practical based-teaching in order to create skillful graduates. Moreover, the students in university are trained to be talented graduates that will make them easier to enter job market.

The second reason is that university tends to cooperate with company, state and private company, to absorb the workers from the fresh graduates. In fact, some universities conduct annual job exhibition program in their campus as the opportunity for graduates entering job market. In addition, some companies are invited to present their profiles in university freely. It also opens a wider opportunity for graduates.

It is true that having more experience since senior high school is good, however, in recent years most of the companies tend to recruit at least a university graduate or scholar as their employers. In addition, even though there is an opportunity for senior high school graduates in a job market but they are probably put as the office boy or do not get as a strategic position as university graduate.

To sum up, the cooperation between university and company to conduct research or provide employment is such a valuable benefit for students in university to get a job easily and the lectures in university provide several skills for them.

(321 Words) [ Written by – Soni Ariawan  ]

Model Essay 06 :

In nowadays world, it is a spread idea that the best way to get a job is to attend University and have higher degrees than the average of people. In my opinion, this is not true because of the way job market has evolved in the last decades.

First of all, competition is getting a skilled job has become very hard. Unlikely post World War II society, today the percentage of people with University degree is increasing every year, whereas the real number of skilled job is remaining roughly the same. As result, many young skilled students struggle to find a job that fits their expectations, both in terms of satisfactions and incomes. For instance, many students with Master Degrees in Literature and Arts have no other choice than to work, temporarily, as call center operators.

Secondly, for many jobs it is convenient to learn by doing instead of spending a great number of years learning only theoretic approaches. In this sense, because University approach often lacks of a practical side, students are required to have a period of training before drafting their theses and getting their Degrees. Considering that the average duration of University degrees is five years, one could wonder if this period could be better spent by working directly once finished school. For example, a civil engineer could learn more, and faster, working every day with a building company instead of studying five years before working on the field.

In conclusion, I strongly believe that considering nowadays job market, the best solution for a student is to choose the professional area that suits him/her the most, then to start working in that field. Beginning as trainee, he/she can learn more than another student attending five years of University, entering the job market in the best way possible.

(300 Words) [ Written by Umb221]

Model Essay 07 :

It is probably true to say that most people believe that a university degree is the only way to get a good job. I think this is true in certain areas, while in other areas, a degree is not as useful.

To begin with, many people have ambitions to become a qualified professional, and there is no doubt that becoming a doctor o lawyer, for example, is only possible with a degree. Another advantage of graduating from university is that it gives you more choices when it comes to choosing a job. Most employers will be more impressed by a candidate who has a degree than they would be by one who only has high school qualification because it shows a certain level of intelligence and education, as well as the commitment and self-discipline that is needed in order to study a degree course for three or four years.

On the other hand, there might be some benefit to starting your career early, especially if your chosen field is one which does not typically require a university education. This would apply to somebody who wants to be a car mechanic, or a fashion designer, for instance, who would not necessary gain anything from going to university. The hands-on experience you gain in your job while others are studying for a degree can give you a distinct advantage. I once read about a man who left school at sixteen and went on to become a wealthy and successful investment broker. He claimed that he had learned all he needed to know by working in his chosen field and he could not have done any better by getting a degree.

So, to conclude, it is possible to get a good job without to university. Having said that, some professions, such as the law, require you to have a degree and as stated above a university degree could potentially open more doors when looking for a job.

(324 words)

Model Essay 08 :

A large number of people argue that starting out to work just after high school is very beneficial of experiencing in the work environment, whereas the other believe that people will have brighter jobs as if finishing of university education. In this essay, I would like to discuss the two views and spread my own thought for the issue.

Many people say that applying to employ at workplace such as shops and companies after the school helps people quickly earning money and probably covering themselves. However, usually they just can approach at general or average wage levels as lack of professional expertise, so what is happening if they are marriage while their salary is just enough for their own life. Furthermore, they might be even in trouble when they get sick or entire.

People working after school can absorb real experience work from what they are doing. Nevertheless although we can be expert in our work, we are just good at one part of the entire production. In contrast, as completing university education, we can oversee a general whole picture so that we will come to better decision for our future jobs. It is usually to see that people who is graduated or higher education are obviously able to hold more important positions in companies, CEO and CFO, for example.

To sum up, even though each decision is likely to lead to certain upsides, working after completing advance education is far better for future job than the other does, because I think that learning path is hard, the life path is even harder.

(263 Words)

Model Essay 09 :

It is a fact that everyone needs to have a stable career, which depends largely on the qualifications each person achieves. However, some people prefer working as soon as they finish studying at high school in order to enrich experience. This point has many arguments that merit consideration.

Apparently, we draw a wealth of invaluable experience from working. For example: if we work as waiters, we can learn how to serve other people quickly and respond to their requests politely. The chances are that we will improve our counting skills considerably as accountants working for department stores. More importantly, learning working skills helps us to prepare carefully for our career in the long run, because all of them are in great demand from employers. In addition, Lectures at university may turn out to be realistic and more lively with our first hand experience. In particular, you will presumably not find it difficult to understand some technical terms or solve practical problems.

Apart from gaining experience, developing the ability to work efficiently is another significant benefit when we start working after school. That is, we will be trained to be more responsible for our tasks, such as going to work on time. Eventually, we will become more punctual and industrious. Some students often cannot get accustomed to the pressure of work as well as competitive colleagues at the beginning. Therefore, it is advisable for them to look for a chance of experiencing working environment in advance.

Nevertheless, there are comparative disadvantages for young workers. It is unlikely that they will work for big companies on account of their lack of university degrees. Some people may be inadequate to study at some universities because they forget some basic knowledge at high school . These difficulties are avoidable, provided that we put practical experience above salary.

In conclusion, advantages appear to outweigh disadvantages if we choose to work after graduating from high school. Having first hand experience is highly recommended to pave the way for our success in the future.

(337 Words)

Model Essay 10 :

Every one yearn for a well-paid and comfortable job. However, those ‘people suppose to reach they goal either to get a good certificate or learn from work. In my personally angle, the two methods are basically no differences in learning working experiences to guarantee to get a good job.

To begin with, complete a course of university education capable of ensure a standard of knowledge to a certain position of work. It is the comfort way to guarantee a high-rank and high-salaries job. But this kind of situation is varies from person to person. Not everyone will stay for long if they are incompatible with the job. To be specify, some graduates do not combine theories and practice together. In other words they effort to spend their university time to get their certificate, but not to learn knowledge from university.
Moreover, university education equip with abilities, to give students course that relate with another field, they hardly touch in daily life.

As the proverb goes it is best learn by doing. Practical ability is the key to a employee to consider his promotion, especially those who gain experience from the world of work. They’ll mater those skill easily by knowing working place.

Actually, learn from school and working are basically the same because of the both are the places to acquire knowledge. Knowledge from books is transformed from practical ability. As for learn from workplace, knowledge is accumulated and summerized from practical experiences. Reasons for employee to hire employee is employee can provides their labour hours and their skill to help company generate profit. in return company give them a sum of money.

To be conclude, practical experience and ability is the key to guarantee a good job. Complete a course in university and start work after school to gain experience both can make it. However knowledge and ability they equip with to guarantee them to get a good job is different from person to person.

(326 Words) [Written by Kjerry]

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Many people say that the only way to guarantee a good job is to complete a course of university education. Others claim that it is better to start work after school and gain experience in the world of work.

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