IELTS Writing 2 Practice Test 23 and Band 8.0 Sample Answer


IELTS Writing 2 Practice Test 23

Discuss the reasons why people define happiness differently and how to obtain happiness?

Band 8.0 Sample Essay

                It is not unusual to find that individuals often hold different view towards the nature of happiness and the approach to it. As far as I am concerned, the perception of happiness varies dramatically from one person to another as a result of the combined effect of individual characteristics and environmental factors. These elements accounts for a large part of forming the approaches adopted by different people to obtain happiness.

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                It’s not a surprising fact that people have different interest to pursue and different objectives to attain in a lifetime, and meanwhile, their objectives and interests differentiate depends on their life stages. One individual may have the passion for toys as a child, fashionable clothes as a teenager, an admirable career as an adult and possibly the company of family members as an elder with age. We can see that a person’s attitudes, capabilities and concerns are subjected to change. For instance, following the latest fads is really appealing to young people, in spite of the expenditure of time and money. Comparing to that, older people are hardly fond of keeping their clothes in fashion, purchasing trendy consumer products or changing a hair style, and moreover, tend to consider all of these as a wasteful use of money.

                In addition to those visible factors, some other elements are less obvious and tend to be subjective in affecting one person’s perception of happiness. These intrinsic factors include one’s characteristics, pursuits and philosophies. Considering monetary wealth as an example, people often perceive the value of money differently. Some people sacrifice everything for wealth, whereas the others take it more lightly. Instead, they treasure family, friends, hobbies and their core values. This is also one of the reasons why people see favorable events such as marriage, family reunion, a promotion, and so forth differently and also react differently to trouble or bad luck, for example, accidents, conflicts, divorce to name but a few.

                Considering the fact that people are all encouraged to attain their happiness, it is crucial that they first evaluate whether the objectives are attainable or not. High expectations for the future might bring nothing but high levels of stress and a sense of disappointment. Setting reachable target is a recommended alternative. Another step to be taken is setting priority for things in a person’s life, such as money, health, growth, fame, power and relationship. It is almost impossible to attain many targets at a time. The secret is to identify to the top priorities and concentrate your energy on those.

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