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IELTS Writing Task 2 Topic:

Nowadays people use bicycles less as a form of transport? Why is that? What can we do to encourage people to use it more?

Band 8.5 Model Answer:
Cycling has long been known as an effective way to improve physical health and reduce the risk of obesity. However, in recent decades, there has been a prevalent trend that people use bicycles less to commute. This trend could be ascribed to a few reasons, and definite actions must be taken to promote the use of bicycles.

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There are evident reasons as to why people hesitate to choose bicycles as a form of transport. The most prominent reason is the over-reliance on modern means of transport, such as cars and motorbikes. These modes of transport are obviously faster and more suitable for long journeys than bicycles. Another convincing reason is that in many places in the world, including Vietnam, there are no dedicated cycling paths for bicycles. This means that cyclists in these regions would have to ride in the same lane with motor vehicles, which is without doubt a dangerous practice.

To boost the use of bicycles, the government should adopt both of the following measures. First, the government may impose a heavy tax on motor vehicles. This tax would discourage people from using motor vehicles, and thus encourage them to switch to bicycles, the single most efficient human-powered land vehicle. Second, the government may allocate more money to the construction of cycling paths for citizens. When a system of cycling paths is well-developed, people would consider bicycles a safe and convenient mode of transport.

In conclusion, the unpopularity of bicycles could be attributed to the overdependence on modern means of transport and the scarcity of dedicated cycling paths. To encourage people to cycle more, the government may introduce a tax on motor vehicles and invest money in building dedicated paths for cyclers.

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