IELTS Writing Task 2 Argumentative Essay of Band 8.0 – Topic: Internet

[] IELTS WRITING TASK 2 ARGUMENTATIVE ESSAY- Students today can easily access information online
[] IELTS WRITING TASK 2 ARGUMENTATIVE ESSAY- Students today can easily access information online

IELTS Writing Task 2 Topic
Students today can easily access information online, so libraries are no longer necessary. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

Band 8.0 Sample Essay

Today, concerns are high about how the digital age will change the libraries. Some argue that libraries soon will sink into oblivion as nowadays information of any field is readily available on the Internet. To the best of my knowledge, this idea should be rejected as one can see quite a few facts in favour of why libraries are still of relevance in modern days.

Generally speaking, students today are learning in conditions which are not conducive to their education. At home, they are attacked with all kinds of noise coming from next door. It is not a rare occasion when a party is organised or a karaoke session is held. In school, vehicle horns, the sound of motorbike engines or from construction sites continue to wreak havoc on students’ concentration. In such situations, libraries are no less than oases in the desert for the students. They are places where it is invariably quiet anytime they visit, where they have their work done effectively.

Some hold the belief that libraries are no longer necessary in this day and age, when knowledge and information is freely up for grabs for students. From my perspective, this view is flawed. What this argument fails to take into account is the fact that a significant amount of information on the Internet nowadays has never been verified and therefore it is prejudiced, inaccurate or even misleading. Such information can potentially warp students’ perception on many life issues, which can cause devastating effects on both their professional careers and private lives later down the road. Books, on the other hands, are always censored before being published. Hence, it is much better for students to gain wisdom from books than from materials circulating the Internet.

These foregoing points have brought me to the conclusion that the importance of libraries should not be downplayed despite many advancements made in the technological era.

Useful expressions:

  • To sink into oblivion: to be forgotten
  • To be of relevance: should be considered
  • To wreak havoc on something: to cause trouble
  • To be no less than oases in the desert: to be rare
  • Information is freely up for grabs: Information is available.
  • Gain wisdom: learn more
  • Circulate (v.) be available
  • Downplay the importance of…: make something seem less important
  • Foregoing (adj.) what has been mentioned
  • The technological era: the time when technology reins

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