Increase Your IELTS Vocabulary Score – Collocation of Measures

Key word: measures

1          Verb + measures

Use the correct form of the verbs in brackets:

  1. The government needs to__________ all necessary measures to stop the influx of asylum seekers. (adopt / adapt)
  2. Immediate measures need to be__________ to protect the thousands of historic buildings under threat of demolition. (taken / got)
  3. New measures are being __________ to try and ease traffic congestion in Birmingham city centre. (started / introduced)
  4. The government is__________ measures to restrict the sale of cigarettes to adults over 21. (considering / thinking of)
  5. In his speech last night the Prime Minister __________ new measures to combat organised crime. (announced / declared)
  6. Urgent measures are__________ to contain the outbreak of the disease before it spreads. (needed / wanted)
  7. I voted against because I __________ these measures on principle. I don’t think anybody should be made to work on a Sunday if they don’t want to. (oppose / refuse)

Go back and underline all the verb collocations.

2          Types of measures

Use these words in the sentences below:

temporary                   safety

security                        unpopular

  1. At times of high inflation, __________ measures are sometimes necessary to get the economy back on an even keel. Such measures generally lose the government votes.
  2. When the rain started, I had to cover the roof with a plastic sheet as a __________ measure until we got the roofers to come and fix the leak.
  3. One main drawback of improved __________ measures in cars is that they can encourage some people to think they are safe, so they drive faster.
  4. The introduction of identity cards is just one of the new__________ measures our company has taken this year.

desperate                     half

preventative                 precautionary

  1. His financial difficulties have forced him to take some really__________ measures. He’s had to sell his house and car to pay off his debts.
  2. Floods will become an increasing problem in this area unless__________ measures are taken now.
  3. During yesterday’s protest march through the streets of Paris, police in riot gear were present as a __________ measure.
  4.  __________ measures never work. You’ve got to do things properly or not at all.

Go back and underline the full expressions.

3          Measures to …

Complete the following sentences with these verbs and underline the adjective collocation in each sentence which means ‘strong’:

control                         prevent                        save

  1. Tougher measures are needed to__________ drugs being smuggled into prisons.
  2. Stringent measures have been introduced in our office to __________ on electricity and heating costs.
  3. The government have taken drastic measures to__________ public spending.


1.         Note the expressions describing the effects of measures:

Measures to reduce costs are beginning to take effect

The measures will affect the entire population.

2.         Note the expressions which describe the purpose of measures:

These new measures are designed to close / are intended to close / are aimed at closing the gap between the rich and the poor.

3.         Note the difference between safety measures and security measures:

These new safety measures mean that more people will survive road traffic accidents.

The latest security measures at Heathrow are due to a new bomb scare.

4.         A measure can also be an amount of liquid:

James’s measures are on the generous side!



Ex 1:

  1. adopt 2. taken 3. introduced 4. considering 5. announced 6. needed 7. oppose

Ex 2:

1 unpopular 2. temporary 3. safety 4. security

5 desperate 6. preventative 7. precautionary 8. Half

Ex 3:

  1. prevent 2. save 3. control

strong = tough, stringent, drastic

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