OET Exam Pattern 2022

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OET Exam Pattern 2022

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the different modes of the OET that I can appear for?

OET is available in three test formats. The first one is OET on a paper at a test venue, which is the oldest test format right from when the exam came into existence as a language assessment for medical professionals. The second option is to attempt the test on a computer at a test venue, and the third test one is the OET at home, in which you have the option to take this exam from the comfort of your home. You may choose any one of the three options and sit for the exam as you choose

How many questions are there in each part of the OET Listening?

The OET has 42 questions in the Listening task in total, which is divided into 24 questions of Part A, six questions of Part B and 12 questions for Part C. For Part A, there are two audios of five minutes each which you are required to answer 24 questions ( 12 questions for each of the audios). For Part B, the six audio extracts are a minute long and you have to answer six questions for each of these audios. Finally, Part C consists of two audios of 5 minutes each (a part of a consultation between a medical professional and a patient), for which you have to answer 12 questions (six questions for each of the audio).

What is the overview of OET Speaking?

Before seeking employment or admission as medical personnel in a foreign nation where English is spoken as one of the primary languages, you need to provide proof. This is where the OET comes into play. Being a healthcare professional, it becomes consequential to have mastery over your communication skills. Hence, OET Speaking is all about assessing you based on the tasks, i.e. role plays in a medical context and healthcare setting and testifies your command of the English language

What is the overview of OET Writing?

The OET Writing subtest is all about assessing your written communication skills. Writing is an indispensable part of communication, and you must write a lot in the professional world. It becomes more critical in the medical domain, where you are frequently required to write various letters formally. The OET Writing subtest gauges your letter-writing finesse, or rather, writing skills in general, based on the question and case notes you are supposed to establish your letter.

What is the overview of OET Reading?

The OET Reading task aims at evaluating you based on your reading cognition and how well you discern the essence of the text. You are required to answer the questions based on the given passages that are relevant to the medical context. The texts, however, are not necessarily derived from your specialization of the medical profession and are standard across all other clinical professions.

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